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Upgrades & Tune-Ups

Send your Friday "Home to the mother ship" for elective service -- that TLC that allows your bike to stay in mint condition for your next trip!

Whether your trusty traveling companion needs a simple tune-up, a complete overhaul, or you want to upgrade to the latest in components, our Service Experts have wrenches poised and ready to help.

Our lead times for all types of service (even less for simple tasks) vary depending on the season, so we advicse that you call us and let us know you're sending your Friday home for some tender lovin' maintenance!

To quickly schedule your bike’s trip to the spa, please call or email our Service Team: 800-777-0258 (US & Canada, toll-free) or 1-541-687-0487 (International).

Here is a brief list of some of our most popular services for your Friday:

Single $89US · Tandem $159US · Triple $189US

If you care enough to send your bike back to the factory for a tune-up, we figure we should pull out all of the stops. We true and dish the wheels, clean the chain completely, inspect all the components and the frame for warranty concerns. Then we adjust your brakes, dérailleurs, hubs, bottom bracket and headset. We'll re-lube the chain and cables, and recommend any replacements. Of course we'll give it a good cleaning. Perfect way to get ready for the next season, epic ride, or big trip.

It's more than just a tune-up. We strip the bike down to the bare frame and clean all the components thoroughly while we true your wheels. Then, after giving the frame a good cleaning, we'll install all the parts back on the frame, and give it the complete tune-up.  Included in this service is the disassembly, cleaning and readjustment of all bearing surfaces where applicable. We also replace handlebar grips or tape and cable and housing. We test ride the bicycle and re-pack it.

Please note, if you have an internally geared rear hub there is an additional charge of $49 (retail price is $69) for overhauling your hub due to the mechanical complexity and time required.

We now have have two levels of overhaul service, Standard and Premium.  Standard includes all of the above services.  Premium adds the following services:

  • Replace headbadge if needed.
  • Replace decals if needed.
  • Align the complete frame set on an alignment table.
  • Replace hinge hardware.
  • Touch up any scratches and include touch up paint for future use.

An Overhaul is a perfect way to make your bike like new without actually buying a new one!

Since we have your bike completely disassembled, this is the perfect time to repaint your bike.  Prices are $150 off our normal rate.

Single Standard- $259
Single Premium- $349
Tandem Standard (also SatRDay) $359
Tandem Premium (also SatRDay) $449
Triple and Q Standard $419
Triple and Q Premium $499
New Wheel Build 'Labor Price'
$55US for labor - plus parts of your choice.

We lace, true, dish and pre-stress your new wheel. Spokes are available in straight gauge and butted, and nipples are available in brass and alloy - all at your choosing.

Geared Hub Overhaul
$69US for Labor

We will completely disassemble your hub, clean all the parts, replace any parts that are needed, and reassemble it. If your hub is more than a year old, this needs to be done. Overhauling you Sachs or SRAM 3x hub on a regular basis will add years to its life.

Dual Drive Hub Upgrade
We will build a brand new wheel with the SRAM 3-speed internal, 9-speed external Dual Drive hub and install it on your bike with SRAM's unique dual function right shifter (excluding drop bars). The bike will be tuned and ready to go. If frame modifications are necessary to run the cable or if you need additional parts to make it work, there may be an additional cost.

Ultralight stem upgrade program

We send you a fit stem that is adjustable in terms of rise and reach. You ride it for up to 30 days, making adjustments until you have it completely dialed in and comfortable. Then stick it in the provided prepaid return shipping box and send it back to us. We'll use it as a template to manufacture a custom made, perfect fitting, ultralight stem that can shave as much as pound off of the weight on your bike and send it back to you.

Add new split handlebars

Whether you supply them or we do that for you, make most 1"/25.4mm clamp diameter handlebars (sorry -- carbon excluded) work with your Bike Friday. We'll remove your old handlebars, split and shim the new handlebars, and install them on the bike with fresh bar tape. Price does not include cost of bars. Be aware that not all bars can be split.

Align Frame

Single $75US

Tandem $90US

Triple $120US

We'll remove the bottom bracket and wheels, stick the bike on the alignment table, and make sure it straight. Then we reassemble it and test ride to confirm handling and stability!

Shipping Info
When shipping a bike to Bike Friday, we strongly recommend using a trackable carrier with insurance. Please call us to schedule the work before sending your bike so we can save your spot in the queue. Have a question? Contact us by phone: 800-777-0258 US | 541-687-0487 International. For almost as fast service, you can send us an email as well -- service@bikefriday.com