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Service Videos

Here are some of the most popular Service Videos that can help you with your Bike Friday.

Bike Friday's fastest fold: See how quickly the Bike Friday tikit folds.

How to fold a tikit: This video shows how to fold a Bike Friday tikit with our quickest folding technology call Hyperfold.

How to Fold A Bike Friday Pocket Bike: This video demonstrates that a Bike Friday Pocket bike folds very quickly to jump onto the bus, train, or load into a car. Many believe the Bike Friday tikit is what's needed, but Walter shows just how quickly this bike can fold.

Companion Easy Pack Mast: This video illustrates how to remove a Easy Pack (EP) mast and to quick fold the bicycle, in this case a Companion.

Packing a Bike Friday: This video shows how to pack a Bike Friday Pocket Bike.

The tikit rear folding rack with full-size panniers: Bike Friday tikit rear folding rack for full-size panniers allows riders to use regular panniers for storing personal belongings. In addition, this rack helps stabilize the bike when folded for storage, parking, etc. The rack features a roller blade wheel on the end of the rack to assist pushing or pulling the bike when folded. See this video for ease of use.

Review of the tikit rear rack: Review of the Bike Friday tikit rear rack by the web store guy.

Packing the tikit Travelbag: Theresa Scholz gives a walk through of the tikit Travelbag for small to medium tikits.

Bike Friday TravelCase review: The Bike Friday web store guy, Todd, gives a review of the Samsonite F-Lite suitcase, which is perfect for packing Bike Friday folding bikes for airline travel.

Bike Friday heavy rider upgrades: Bike Friday heavy rider upgrade. Using the diamond frame design and forks from our tandem series bikes, these heavy duty designs can accommodate riders above 220lbs.

Checking your rear derailleur after packing: Bike Friday Service Tip on Keeping your Rear Derailleur in Check after unpacking your bike.

Folding stem installation: BF Marketing Director Phil Cowles shows step by step how to install the new Folding Stem made by Kalloy
a) For standard Pocket Bike fold
b) For compact Pocket Bike fold (front wheel turned 180 degrees)

Folding stems for Bike Friday Pocket bikes: Introduction to the new Kalloy folding stem - no more dangly handlebar!
- For all Bike Fridays past, present and future, EXCEPT tikits, Petites (due to smaller head tube) and certain custom Pocket Rockets.
- From $160 as of March 2010

Alfine hubs: Got a flat? It's a little different than removing a wheel with your standard cassette.  Watch this instructional video showing how to remove a wheel with the Alfine hub.

Removing and re-applying Bike Friday Decals

Using the SRAM Clickbox: If you're having trouble getting the Clickbox on and off your Dual Drive hub, this video is for you.

Bike Friday Threadless Headset Preload Adjustment System:
Explains how to adjust the threadless headsets on New World Tourist, Llama, Pocket Rocket, and other.

Bike Friday Tap Adjust Headset Preload Adjustment: How to adjust the headset on Pocket Companions, Haul-A-Days.