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Service Team
Our Service Team lives to make it better. They are each one part doctor, one part diplomat, one part engineer and one part sleuth. Put those elements together and you have a team of ultimate problem solvers, standing by to get you up and running and back on the road.
Timothy Link  Customer Service Team Member

Bike Friday: Pocket Llama, Pocket Rocket Pro

My involvement in bicycles started a few years later than most kids. For some reason I needed a little extra time and training to get up on two wheels.

When I finally figured it out, I proceeded into full time fascination with the amazing, virtually silent machine that could so efficiently leverage my own muscle power into forward motion.

As a young adult, I tried my hand at operating much more powerful and impressive equipment, like cars, airplanes, and naval nuclear power plants.

All that noisy, stinky stuff has its place I suppose. Experience has taught me that I'd prefer that place to be somewhere comfortably distant from my nose, ears, and daily living. The bicycle represents a technology that is truly synergistic with real quality of life as I perceive it.

Before coming to Bike Friday, I worked on and off in bicycle shops for a total of seven years while attending college and serving in the military.

During that time I was able to explore self-supported touring, mountain biking, and amateur road racing to my heart's content.

In October, 2000 I came to Bike Friday, where I have worked as a sales consultant and primarily as a customer service technician.

My conversion to complete Bike Friday aficionado started with the replacement of my venerable Trek 520 with a Pocket Llama in 2000, and culminated with the replacement of my Bianchi road racer with a Pocket Rocket Pro with titanium mast in 2003.

With Bike Friday providing safe, garaged bicycle parking, and by moving conveniently close to work, I have been able to realize a vision of my childhood: I commute to work by bicycle and do not own a car. I live the dream every day now!

I have to keep pinching myself.