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Travel Trailer Axel Issue: For TravelTrailers purchased November 2008 - June 2009


Axel separates from trailer while riding


Faulty bonding material


Dear Bike Friday Travel Trailer Customer,
BicycleR Evolution is the company that manufactures the trailer frames that convert the suitcase to a trailer. We have been experiencing a problem with some of our trailer axles. In these instances the solid center rod has come loose from the the axle tube. This results in the axle (with wheel attached) falling off. The failure is due to faulty bonding materials.

Bike Friday and BicycleREvolution have devised a test to check your trailer axles before heading out on your next trip. If you purchased your trailer between November 08 and June 09 then we would advise doing the following test as demonstrated in the video below.

Test Instructions:

  1. Remove the wheel hardware from the axle end (a cotter pin and 1/2 inch washer on the wheel end of the axle).
  2. Grasp the axle just behind the black plastic thumb nut and bolt. Hold the axle with the solid rod end facing away from you.
  3. Find a flat solid wood surface, and smack the side of the axle down on it 3 times (as if you were driving a nail with a hammer).
  4. Holding the axle in your fist; solid rod end facing straight down, pound the solid rod end of the axle, down on the wood surface 3 times with similar force.

If your axle fails and the solid inner tube comes out or becomes loose during this test or any other time we will send you a new set.

BicycleR Evolution Warranty Line at 541-556-8572.

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