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Red Apron Service

We want to ensure we have the time to answer your questions and give you our undivided attention when you come all the way to our factory.

The solution is our Red Apron Service. For $100 (two hours) or $200 (four hours), a Bike Friday technician will spend the time taking you through whatever is most useful or interesting to you. Of course, you can always visit the showroom without the Red Apron Service. We will be happy to show you the packing video, ensure the bike is working properly, and suggest test ride routes.

Here are just a few of the Red Apron services you may select:

  • Transportation to and from your airport or hotel.
  • Personally demonstrate how to pack and unpack the bike.
  • Adjust your bike to fit you and your riding style.
  • Offer special tips about your bike.
  • Information on basic bicycle maintenance and how to make the most of your local bike shop.
  • Deluxe factory tour.
  • Meet founder Alan Scholz.
  • Access to shower facilities.
  • Discount coupons for local hotels, shopping and activities.

If you wish to take advantage of this new service, please call or email our Service Team: 800-777-0258 (US & Canada, toll-free) or 1-541-687-0487 (International) to schedule your appointment.