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Hints and Tips

Keeping the chain on when folding your Pocket Bike: This video shows how to manage the chain while folding and unfolding your Pocket style Bike Friday.


Flying with your Friday

 Tighter airline security means more chances for your bike to be handled by those less knowledgeable about its needs than you are. To minimize potential difficulties, follow these pointers that other Bike Friday owners have found helpful:

The best thing you can do

  • Bundle the bike together with bungie cords - being careful to firmly bind   the crush protector in place - so that the inspectors can just lift out a big   chunk of bike without any delicate parts dangling.

Other things you might try

  • Leave a note for the inspectors inside the case, advising how to repack it and/or asking them to call you to assist.
  • Tape the photograph of your packed bike to the inside of your case.
  • Better yet, take digital pictures during your initial set up and make a photo  sequence to laminate and place in the suitcase.