BF Trailers come w/ clamp-on std. Hitch - use this one for left side of road travel

Bike Friday TravelTrailers where designed to be ambidextrous! Around the world folks drive on the left and sometimes on the right side of the road. This hitch can be used on either side on Bike Fridays depending on the Country you are riding in. The TravelTrailer w/TravelCase should pull from your correct chainstay slightly to one side of your bike. That side is the side away from the gutter. This allows you to ride closest to the edge of the road for safety when needed without the trailers wheel going off the road. The trailer is also quite visible to overtaking traffic and they will give you a wider berth with it to your outside. In this possition it will not stick out on most bikes beyond your outside handle bar anyway. This BF TravelTrailer specific hitch works with our Pocket bikes as well as the tikit the Tandems and the new OSATA travel Fridays. The Petite Pocket bikes have their own hitch like this for their smaller chain stays. The hitch comes with an air nipple (7529) as part of the item as that is the recepter needed by your trailer hitch quick release swivel. It is replaceable and is of the auto type air fitting here in the states. All BF trailers are sold and come with a male air nipple as well as some Fridays have braze on fitting to accept them.