Saddle not supplied standard. Choose if you want us to supply. Read more info for explanation.

We do not typically supply a saddle unless you choose one here. This is because a saddle is so personal now days that many cyclists have spent considerable hard earned effort in finding the saddle that works for them. Finding the best saddle for you is a good project to keep separate from choosing a bike. And well worth while. It may take 2 or 3 or more to find the best fit. So, if you have one you like, then our giving you another could be a waste. Bike shops are full of saddles & pedals they have taken off of standard bikes. Of course we are very happy to supply and suggest a saddle. If you want us to supply a duplicate saddle to match your current favorite, write in the model when you submit the design of your Bike Friday and we can usually supply anything you want. Alan/ Co-founder