We do not supply pedals unless you choose to have us do so. -Read the more info on this.

We do not typically supply pedals unless you choose some here. This is because pedals are a system and are so personal now days that many cyclists have spent considerable hard erned effort in finding the Pedals, Cleats, & Shoe System they ride and that work for them. Finding the best pedals for you is a good project to keep separate from choosing a bike. If you have one you like, then our giving you another set/type could be a waste. Bike shops are full of saddles & pedals they have taken off of standard bikes so the right pedals and saddles can be put on. Of course we are very happy to supply and suggest if you like. You can choose the right pedals to buy with your Bike Friday or you can use the ones you now are comfortable with and put them on your travel Bike Friday. If you want us to supply a duplicate pedal to match your shoe cleat system write in the model when you submit you design your Bike Friday and we can usually supply anything you want. - Alan/Cofounder Green Gear /Bike Friday