Greenfield, Direct Mount, Black, Alloy Kickstand, Made in the USA, (NWT,PT,FT, Cr)

A high quality aluminum kickstand. Direct mount kickstands requires a mounting plate behind the bottom bracket. Bikes with this plate include the New World Tourist, 2011 Llamas (new style), Pocket Crusoe, Pocket Companions and tikits.

Please confirm whether you have the mounting plate or not on your bike. Bikes models that cannot use this kickstand include the Air Llama, Air Glide, Air Friday, Pocket Rocket, Pocket Rocket Pro, and pre May-ish 2011 Llamas. Call if you have any questions about compatibility.

This kickstand needs to be cut to correct length for your bike model and tire size. Please indicate bike model + tire width in checkout notes so we can trim to fit or it can be cut at home with a hacksaw.

Note: tikits use full length kickstands. We send kickstands uncut by default if no bike model is indicated.

Llama owners please note - There are three types of Llama chain stays built to date: 1 - old style Llama wishbone with no threaded insert
This Llama needs a rear mount kickstand, part ID 596

2 - newer style Llama wishbone with a threaded insert
This Llama needs a standard kickstand with a 45mm Allen bolt. The kickstand mounts on the bottom of the wishbone and the bolt threads up into the insert
The kickstand must be trimmed after mounting to fit and cannot be trimmed by Bike Friday

3 - Newest style Llama with standard chainstays and kickstand tab
This Llama uses a standard kickstand and can be trimmed to fit by Bike Friday

Please let us know in the checkout notes if you have a Llama with a wishbone and threaded insert.