BF Rear mount kickstand

The best kickstand we have found for Pocket Pilot, Pocket Rocket, Gnu, up to 2011 Llamas (old style, not 2011 style), and Pocket Rocket Pro. This model also works with Tandem Two'sDays without drum brakes. The kickstand needs to be cut to correct length for your bike model and tire size. Please indicate bike model + tire width in checkout notes so we can trim to fit or it can be cut at home with a hacksaw. Bike Friday models sometimes alter in configuration, so please confirm you do not have a kickstand mounting tab between the chain stays just behind the bottom bracket. If you do have a kickstand mounting tab, part ID 6519 is the better kickstand for your BF. Recent models of Pocket Llama now have the mounting tab as of 6/1/2011.