BFs own NeWorld Road Bars 46cm wide-easy pack

The NeWorld Road Bar is a very light easy to pack bar designed and built by Alan for the best ergonomic position. They optimally integrate the best & lightest brake levers w/ shifters and the bar. Bar Total Integration. It is the same as the 'hoods' on your drop bars along with the 'Tops' positions. This bar takes the light reverse brake levers along with bar-con type shifters & makes a unique extra light ergonomic bar that is perfect for a Sport or Road travel bike. Still fits in with the peleton well but unless you really need the drop possition this is superior for a suitcase road bike. If you want a more areo position, then get narrow and add the BarExtenders for NeWorld Road Aero position. The NWR bar is available in aproximate Road Bike bar widths of 43, 46, 49. Equivalent of about 40, 42 and 44-45cm bars.