Thudbuster Suspension seatpost LT, Long Travel 27.2 x 400mm w/ shim 28.6

By adding the Thudbuster rear suspension you'll ride faster, longer, and stronger with better traction, more control, and less fatigue. The performance, relative low weight, and simplicity make it the best suspension upgrade you can make to your hardtail. Based on a patented parallel-linkage design, the Thudbuster LT provides up to 3 inches of active stiction-free travel. Unlike telescoping suspension posts, there is no initial stiction to overcome-the suspension mechanism works in the direct path of the natural travel of the rear wheel. The elastomers provide the compression and rebound damping, and can be easily exchanged to tune the suspension. -3" of ultra-plush travel -CNC-machined aluminum alloy linkage -TeflonĀ® coated pivot bushings -Super-strong, twin-bolt, micro-adjust saddle clamp