BF Tandem Travelcase (2) + BF Packing system

This part ID is for two dark grey F'Lite GT 30" Travelcases plus a packing system sufficient to pack a Bike Friday Tandem Pocket bike.

This package is customized for packing your Tandem Pocket Bike easily and safely for travel in the suitcases. Includes a full set of packing socks to protect the bike frame and fork, including a tool kit for packing, DVD and printed manual, color reference chart and other extras. 

This is a hard shell Samsonite suitcase that is an essential piece of equipment for traveling with your Bike Friday. The F'Lite GT is the new updated version of the F'Lite. It features an aerodynamic design including a hardside shell with gasket tongue-in-groove closure.

This case has a multi-stage extending monotube handle and two large smooth-rolling plastic wheels. The shoulders at the top of the case slope slightly, narrowing the profile.

The lock on the GT F'Lite is TSA approved. Samsonite does not measure the wheels or handles in their measurements.The case dimensions are 29.5" tall x 20" wide x 12" deep. This adds up to 61.5 linear inches, which falls just under the 62 linear inches used by most airlines as their cut-off limit for suitcase dimensions.

This part ID is for a F'lite GT30"   in dark grey.

A 3-dial combination lock protects the case's contents.

The Bike Friday Packing System gives you a full complement of protective sleeves for your folding bike. Prevent scratches and damages to your frame and accessories with this built-to-order system for your tikit.

All felt packing bags and blankets are made from Eco-Fi, 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Here are some more information links you can use to learn more about the Travelsystem package.

Click this page for an overall explanation of the TravelSystem and trailers.

 This page is a Youtube video containing the Pocket Bike packing manual.

Please note all Travelcases are now with four wheels on the bottom. Some images may show the older two wheel version.