2019 NWTourist 24

The New World Tourist is Bike Fridays' popular Fully Custom Sized and Built to Order touring Travel/Folding bike. Flat bar, Drop Bar, and special Bike Friday Design bars w/ 8,9,16,18,24,27 deraileur gears, or 1,8, 11, 14 and continuously variable speed hub gears. V brakes or Disc. Available with belt drive also. Built to fit your cycling, your choice of equipment, color & travel plans. No wonder it is so popular for so long. Guaranteed! Sizes 26-66cm ST, 48-62cm TT. This 24 spd version has an economical good functioning group for a full Custom New World Tourist.

About The Frame - The most popular and versatile Bike Friday. The New World Tourist is custom built and can be configured for almost anything from touring to sport riding and to expedition touring. Of all our many base models of frames this is the most popular and most proven having been built and improved over 18 years.