FamilyTandem Custom 8

The original Family Tandem was designed by Co-founder Alan Scholz to be a family heirloom bike. This new 2016 frame is an upgraded lighter and full custom version. It is good for 2 adults or an adult and a child. The beauty of Bike Friday tandems shines in the 20-inch wheel and easy step over tube. Kids and other stokers feel at home closer to the ground, and the small wheels make it easier to handle for the Captain. The adjustability for the Stoker means a child as young as 4 years old can fit on the back. It can adjust as the child grows or fit someone to over 6 ft tall. A great tandem for just riding your child to school, but built for the full touring with your partner experience. It takes all necessary accessories and bags. With a cable disconnect add on kit it can pack into two of our TravelCases easily for air travel . The Captain can be 4' 10" to 6'5", and the Stoker 3' to 6' + tall. It weighs about 37 lbs / 16 kg before you add your choices of saddles & pedals.

New 2016 Family Tandem Custom Traveler Frame is built from larger, lighter, stronger tubes than the 2015 and earlier Family Tandems. It now offers all the custom upgrades and a performance ranging from light-weight sport riding to touring machines with 2 ( or 3 seats). It disassembles & packs for travel-ready tandeming. It includes the very special values that all Bike Friday tandems have. Low non-threatening step over heights and ajustability that allows the riders to be from under 4 ft to over 6'5" AND the short rider (to a bit under 5ft anyway) can be the captain! Few if any other tandems can do this. And they would have a much higher cost than this very affordable high end machine. Can be built with touring wheels, 406 sized 20" or on special order Sport/Road wheels of 451 sized 20". V brakes, Dual Pivot brakes or Disc brakes along with 3rd drag brakes.