Tandem TwosDay triple ring touring

The Tandem Two'sDay is our folding bicycle built for two. A unique and proven exceptional machine in the world of tandems as it can quickly fold and fit into the back of an SUV, trunk of a car or even the back of the Mini Cooper! It eliminates the need special racks or a van to be a tandem owner. Great for travel, it fits into two Bike Friday TravelCases for airline travel. It comes with touring wheels and gearing, with 24 speeds, twist shifters, flat bars, and drum brake on front with the option to add a third drag brake. It weights 39 lbs / 16.3 kg without saddle or pedals.

About The Frame-The Two'sDay is fully foldable, pack-able travel tandem w/ component options ranging from affordable to deluxe! With "V" brakes & 20" wheels, the 2'sDay is fast, comfortable, and can be set up for any task from loaded touring to Sport riding.