Bantam Tourist 8 (16" wheels)

Bike Friday's ability to build custom size bicycles led to a natural connection with the Little People of America. The Bantam Tourist offers our best price value for anyone who needs a smaller bike. It is custom built to proportion for the small rider (with inseam down to 14inch). The Bantam Tourist comes with a wide gear range on 16-inch wheels with 8 speeds. A 24-speed version is also available. It comes with special crank sizes of 90 mm, 115 mm and 140 mm for short legs. Relationship of seat to pedals and seat to bars is independent, which gives a huge range of personal stature variation.

About The Frame - Specially designed and custom built for Little People of America - and the rest of the world! 16" wheels and very low standover. The Bantam Friday brings fine bicycles to underserved folks. Short inseam does not make you ride a childrens bike at Bike Friday! From LPA to MBA, Bike Fridays are built to order to fit. We believe that everyone deserves a good bike and especially one that fits! A most rational system that treats all stature as equal.