Pocket Llama 24

When you roll off the smooth pavement, the Pocket Llama delivers reliable performance with a higher bottom bracket than our standard touring bikes as well as the ability to ride wider tires. The base model is a 24-speed with twist shifters and flat bars, but is fully custom allowing you to bulid the expedition touring or mountain bike of your dreams. It is a good choice for carrying a sizable load on tour or on an expedition. Good also for very large riders, accomodating up to 220-240 pounds, & with heavy ride upgrades available to fit someone 260 pounds. The bike weighs 25 lbs / 11.3 kg without saddle or pedals.

About The Frame - The Standard Llama has greater tire clearance and ground clearance for off-road riding. The go-to travel bike for full expedition touring, or the ultimate urban assault vehicle, its frame on the outside looks similar to the other Pocket frames but it is bumped up in strength and durability. It's Diamond frame version is also a good choice for upgrades to 330lbs from the regular 190-220 lb limit of many Bike Fridays. All custom choices are available.