Posted: 2014-11-07

How do I install the Haul-A-Day front rack


Customer Assembly Instructions for Haul-a-Day Frame Mount Rack

Components are necessarily disassembled during shipping. The following instructions are intended to guide a user familiar with bicycle maintenance in the proper and safe assembly of the Haul-a-Day frame mount rack and accessories.

Possible components:

  •     Black frame mount rack
  •     Aluminum diamond plate
  •     Large basket
  •     Hardware (M5, M6 bolts, jam nuts, flat and fender washers)
  •     Mk1 shims (only for Mk1 customers)

Tools Required:

  •     4mm & 5mm allen wrenchs
  •     8mm & 10mm socket wrenchs


  1. Begin by very loosely clamping frame mount rack to Haul-a-Day main tube just behind head tube. Grease interior of clamp to preserve paint. Mk1 shims should be inserted in clamp if applicable. Housing should run between rack supports.
  2. Attach diamond plate to rack using long M6 thru-bolts w/ flat washer through angled set of holes. Nyloc nuts should be barely snug.
  3. Tighten frame mount clamp bolts to 12-15Nm in an alternating fashion. Adjust orientation of plate and rack before final tightening to ensure proper level orientation.
  4. Tighten plate thru-bolts to ~7Nm.
  5. Basket attaches to widest-spaced holes in plate with M5x18 thru-bolts. Use a fender washer between the bolt head and basket. Tighten basket thru-bolts to ~5Nm.