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A true one of a kind Air Bike

Bike Friday Co-founder (Alan Scholz) and Bike Friday President (Hanna Scholz) first personal Air Friday

You can read about why they decided to release some of his bike collection on this Blog Post about the designer’s dilemma.

Frame Number AL03
Size 56cm/Med
This was Built the year 1999

This Air Friday has an interesting Scholz Family History. First built as Alan Scholz’s first Air bike, he then handed it down to his daughter, me, Hanna Scholz (now Bike Friday President) to be my first Air bike.

The Bike Friday Air bikes were originally created for triathletes doing the Ironman in Hawaii. Knowing that athletes could really have their race messed up when their baggage was lost, Alan and Hanz designed a bike that could fit in an athletes carry-on luggage (the Airline regulations before 9/11 were more open). The Air Friday frame fits into a carry-on roller case and the wheels fit into cloth bags that looked like musician’s cymbals. The whole package could just be walked onto the airplane and put in the overhead compartments. When 9/11 happened and the airlines tightened up their regulations, metal tubing in bike frames was no longer allowed.

This one of a kind paint job was an inspiration from my daydreaming about fun colors and wanting my bike to be super special. I spent many hours in the paint room experimenting and came up with this. There has never been another like it, as I became so busy with my growing business responsibilities, I never made it back into the paint booth. I always wanted to and fifteen years later, I still think about fun creative paint jobs sometimes.

Unfortunately, the frame, originally built for Alan, was just not the right size for him and has never been comfortable for me to ride. The un-painted stem was an attempt at improving the fit. This unfinished work of art has been sitting in the attic for way too long so I decided someone should have some fun with this special bike! Perhaps I could be convinced to come back to the paint booth to finish the stem…
– History is written by Hanna Scholz (second generation)


  • Bike weight as shown: 21.7 lbs.
  • Ultegra cranks and rear derailleur
  • RSX STI shifters
  • Sachs 3x Dual Drive hub
  • The stem can be painted color of your choice.
  • Can be made ready for more miles of adventure (rider needs to be 150lbs or less)

*Sold as is, this frame no longer includes frame warranty
*Alan and Hanna will sign the frame before it ships to you*Includes Certificate of Authenticity and Letter of Provenance signed by Alan and Hanna

Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions66 × 24 × 48 in

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