Bike Friday pakiT compact folding bike


The lightest, smallest folding bike is the pakiT and it fits in a backpack!

Three ways to order your bike:

1. Contact us and tell a Bike Expert what you want

2. Choose from the simple options on this page, then go to “Add to cart”

3. For bike geeks who love research choose “Advanced Bike Builder Option”

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Learn more about the pakiT here:

The lightest, smallest folding bike in our line is the pakiT and its so small it fits in a backpack!

A great performance city bike to take with you anywhere & everywhere, that fits you, quickly folds and fits your mobile life!

Our goal with the Bike Friday pakiT is to add convenience to your daily life and personal freedom,  to explore the joy of travel and commuting on light wheels, the wind in your face, as well as a stronger connection with the world around you while using a folding bike. All in all a remarkably compact bike that not only folds but fits you and can be taken anywhere.  Here is your chance to see the world by bike or get to the office without the long hike.

The pakiT offers special values in each of these areas:

  • Light – As little as 15 lbs, easily carried with one arm, or in the backpack.
  • Many Gear Options – 1-11 speeds for cruising, commuting or adventuring!
  • Comes in Multiple Sizes – Fits a wide range of riders from 4’6″ to 6’4″
  • Fits into small spaces:  28″ x 17″ x 8″ when folded and packed into the backpack.
  • Fits into the pakiT Backpack see video
  • Quick compact fold: Folds in under 20 seconds to 38″ x 24″ x 10″ (96 cm x 61 cm x 25 cm)
  • For riders up to 190 lbs (86 kg) on pakiT Elite models and 220 lbs (100 kg) on the standard pakiT models.
  • Colors – Your choice of 5 standard colors and up to 20 for Elite Custom bikes.
  • Compact wheel size – The pakIT comes with a 16″ wheel which means it can easily fit into small spaces while still offering a great ride.
  • Chain drive, hub gears and dérailleur options available on  pakiT Elite versions.
  • Belt Driven Option -Gates Carbon Belt Drive with Internal Hub is standard. Grease free, maintenance free, lasts longer than a chain.
  • Dual Pivot Brakes
  • Electric Assist upgrade available: Check it out here.

Details on the three bike design options offered in the menu above:

The Zen Day Design

If you love the simplicity and regularly jump onto the bus to get downtown, then need to travel another couple blocks or even short miles, then this is the perfect bike for you. It’s compact, agile and folds in seconds which means it keeps up with other folding bikes no problem.  Great for getting around through crowds, popping into an elevator or up an escalator and folding to store under your desk.  It also fits in the front of a bus or in the upper storage of the train (in the backpack). Built perfectly for the daily commuter who still needs to put in a few miles.

Details for Zen Day Design:

  • Dual Pivot Brakes
  • BF Flat Bar
  • Alloy 170mm Single Crank Arm
  • Single Speed
  • Alloy Hubs
  • Schwalbe 16″ Tires
  • Saddle
  • Folding Pedals
  • Quick Release Seat Post Clamp
  • Bike Weight (saddle and folding pedals included) 19.8lbs.

The Bike Weekdays Design:

This pakiT is a great folding bike that also has the gears to climb hills.  This bike comes ready to go and the 16″ wheels make this a climbing machine. A great compact folding bike that’s perfect for a life on the go in an urban setting with rolling hills.

Details for the Bike Weekdays Design:

  • SRAM 8 speed twist shift
  • Alloy 170mm Crankset
  • Shimano 11-28 8 Speed Cassette
  • Shimano Claris Rear Derailleur
  • FSA Headset
  • Dual Pivot Brakes
  • Bike Weight 21lbs. (saddle and folding pedals included)

The Mk2D – Sub 18lb!

This is a sub 18lbs pakiT with enough gearing to be the perfect around-town bike but also light enough to pop it on the train, bus or the back of your car. Special care has been put into the selection of frame materials and components to ensure you great a great ride, easy fold and keep from breaking your back if you have to lift your bike often. Performance comes in many shapes and sizes.

  • Bike Friday Flat-Bar
  • 9-Speed Sun Race Thumb Shifter
  • Cane Creek Top Canti/Caliper
  • 53T Chainring
  • 11-28 9 Speed SRAM
  • Micro-Shift Derailleur
  • Joytech Front and Rear Hubs with CR-18 Sun Rims
  • FSA Sealed Cartridge Bearings
  • Origin-8 Dual Pivot Brakeset
  • Comes with Saddle and Pedals

The Bike Everyday Design:

If you are a daily commuter and have to fold your bike every single time you use it, then this pakiT design is the perfect option. The belt-drive (instead of greasy chain) gets rid of the chance of getting chain-grease on your pants. It also gets rid of that maintenance chore of oiling a squeaky chain.

Details for the Bike Everyday Design:

  • Shimano Alfine Gear Shifters (rapid fire)
  • Alloy 165mm Crank Arms
  • Carbon Drive Crankset and chainring
  • Shimano Alfine 8 Speed Geared Hub
  • Bike Friday Alloy Front Hub
  • Alex Black Machined Rims
  • Dual Pivot Brakes
  • WTB Volt Comp Saddle
  • Bike Weight 23lbs. (saddle and folding pedals included)

Here we have a Bike Friday pakiT on a cobble stone road

Choose your frame color:

(Basic Color picker program – pakiT is not shown but for design idea purpose only)

Choose your Cable Color:

Below is the Bike Friday pakiT Backpack with a pakiT inside (open so you can see it in action):

Here with have a Bike Friday pakiT in it's new backpack

pakiT with E-Assist upgrade:

The electric assist kit offered on this page for the pakiT is a front hub motor with Airline check-able Ligo Batteries. Learn more about the front hub motor system on our electric assist page here.

This is a Bike Friday pakiT with E-Assist upgrade on it with Alfine 8

This 45-second video shows how the pakiT folds and unfolds:

Un-Boxing your new pakiT:

Packing your new pakiT for travel:

Order process information for ordering on this page:

  1.  Phase 1: Follow all the steps in the drop-down menus above then “Add to cart” and follow steps in your cart.  Once purchased phase two will start.
  2. Phase 2: A Bike Friday Expert will follow up with you to determine your pick-up /ship date (production takes 5-7 weeks on average) and confirm any needed details about your order.

Payments Plan and Paypal Credit Option:

Want to order your bike and pay for it later? Give PayPal Credit a try. Here is how you can apply.

  • Add your new Bike Friday to the cart and proceed to the checkout process.
  • On the payment step of the checkout process, select “PayPal” as your payment option.
  • You’ll be redirected to the PayPal website where you will log in or create an account.
  • On the next step, click “Apply Now” under PayPal Credit and follow the instructions.
  • Complete the checkout to place your order.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 1-800-777-0258 USA 1-541-687-0487 INTL, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Frame Warranty:

We have a strong warranty on our frames against defects in material and/or workmanship for 10 years. The warranty is non-transferable. Bicycle components (excluding tires, chain, cables, etc.) generally have a 1-year limited warranty.


Are you not finding what you are looking for?

We offer many more options than we can post here without overwhelming people. We can likely build what you are looking for. Just contact us and tell a friendly Bike Expert what you are looking for.

Send us an email at

Call a Bike Expert: 1-800-777-0258 USA 1-541-687-0487 INTL

You can also do more exploring on your own first by clicking on the “More pakiT Designs link or the “Advanced Designer for bike geeks” button to find our bike configurator.

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 3 reviews
by Brad Adams on pakiT
My pakiT and my Haul-a-Day

The only way to describe the pakiT is, to put it simply, exactly that: simple. It’s as simple as simple gets. Belt driven (clean and grease free), light weight, quiet and packable.

I’ve had my hands on a pakiT for the last few weeks and I’ve got to say I’m extremely impressed. From the versatility of the frame size to the swiftness of its ride; Bike Friday, you’ve outdone yourself here.

As an avid traveler and city dweller, I know the need for small compact vehicles. Being an avid cyclist, of course, I’m game for anything with two wheels. Prior to the pakiT, I would have told you that folding bikes are just not for me. The smaller wheels didn’t appeal to me, and I was just not into the designs of other non-US made bikes. Well, that was until I stumbled across Bike Friday. They’ve been cranking out beautiful folding dreams since the early 90’s. When innovation meets utility!

Prior to the pakiT I believed that smaller meant slower. I cannot tell you how wrong I was. After being introduced to 20″ wheels on my Haul-A-Day, I soon learned how hard you can rip on smaller wheels. Smaller definitely does not mean slower but stronger and lighter! Now throw some 16″ wheels on a 15.5 lb slick folding bike and you have an urban assault tool.

As soon as I received my pakiT in the mail, I built it up and took it to the streets! Running through the internal 8 speed gear box, testing its limit to “wheelies,” mobbing in and off the side walk only to find this bike can hang! The 16″ wheels aid in quick acceleration and give the bike superior maneuverability to any other bike I’ve ridden. Now, I knew that Bike Friday knows bikes, and trust me, they know bikes!

I’ve been using the Haul-A-Day nearly everyday since April, and I’m in love. It’s always my first choice to ride even when I’m not “haulin’.” Although, I’m always “haulin’!” The rugged steel frame can take a serious beating, yet it never shows it. Of course, the pakiT would exemplify the same traits but in a bite size punch. When you say “jump,” the pakiT says, “Peace out! I gotta bounce!” and off you go riding through the hustle and bustle of urban living, forced to dodge vehicles, pedestrians, pigeons and even other riders. Considering the high route and pushing through those 8 quick internal speeds while you pick up the pace and jam the low route.

Whenever, this bike will always bite. I keep pushing it, and it keeps going! Since acquiring the pakiT, I’ve had such a fun time taking it on all my usual routes and seeing how it handles. LA is one wild place to ride with our diverse terrain, scorching landscape and car dense cities — the pakiT is a need! Whether you’re cruising to the corner store or hauling across town, the pakiT is my first choice!

by Jose on pakiT
I'm excited to be a future owner of a pakiT

I live a couple of hours away from Eugene, so yesterday I decided to drive down to visit BikeFriday. I wanted to test ride a pakiT. My phone battery was dead, so I couldn't take pictures or a video 🙁 . The pakiT that I test rode was a medium size frame with a glacier color and single speed belt drive.

In a nutshell, my impression of the pakiT is that we made an AWESOME purchase! The bike is super light and has a great ride. This will be my first folding bike and first BikeFriday. The person at BikeFriday adjusted the saddle to fit me for the test ride. I rode through the bike path around the back of the factory that goes into downtown Eugene. The bike was pretty responsive.

Most of the time when I was just looking ahead or at my surroundings, I couldn't tell that I was riding a folding bike because the ride was smooth and felt just like a regular bike. The only difference was the silence! The belt drive is really silent. I was able to ride fast despite the small 16" wheels. I rode through a bit of gravel and bumpy (nearby tree roots) to see how much I would feel the bumps on the ground. I was able to feel gravel or big bumps on the ground more than I do in my current bike (26" wheels). When I was riding in the bike path or street the 16" wheels were perfectly fine.

The last noticeable difference for me was the length of the handlebar. Due to the size of the pakiT the handlebar is smaller than what I'm used to. That is not a big downside for me, but I think I could get used to it after riding the pakiT a few times. I'm excited to be a future owner of pakiT.

by John Ittleson, 14 Time Bike Friday Owner on pakiT

"The pakiT is the best bike ever... I just finished a 28 mile ride in Germany on the 3 speed pakiT. The great road feel and handling of the bike, plus the light weight, made it a dream on the ride"

Additional information

Weight19.8 lbs
Dimensions36 × 25 × 12 in

18 thoughts on “Bike Friday pakiT compact folding bike

    1. Jarl Berg

      We actually have a wide range we can put on a pakiT so you may have to tell us what you are hoping for and we can get one of our Bike Experts to put something together for you.

  1. Ron

    I am interested on the pakiT belt drive one or 4 gears. I want the lightest possible bike to help me commute on the Bart when in San Francisco. I was wondering about the heights and if possible how fast each bike cango?

    1. Jarl Berg

      Hello Ronald. The pakiT is perfect for San Francisco though you might be a little limited by the 4-speed on some of those hills. Not sure what you mean by the heights but as far as speed, it really depends on your not the bike. I average 12-15mph on my pakiT but average 19-22 on my Haul-a-Day due to better gearing and even faster when I have assist on. It’s always best to connect with our bike experts for these kinds of questions so please drop them a line when you have time. or call 1-800-777-0258. Cheers!

  2. emma coleman

    I am 5 ft and have a short reach. I always use a small frame. is your bike one size fits all cuz i know that won’t work for me. do all foldup bikes come in one size frame?
    I will need to put 2 bike panniers on the rear wheel. so does your bike have a rear bike frame to accommodate this?
    8 speed chain drive vs 8speed belt drive. I get from your video the belt drive is grease free.
    You sell the backpack for commuting on a train do you sell the luggage as in your video?

    1. Jarl Berg

      Hello Emma. I just forwarded all of your questions to our bike experts to get back to you. All of these questions are super easy for them to answer but the easiest answer is, we are a custom bike builder so most can be answered just with that, but they will expand on that from there. All the best and thanks for reaching out. J.

    1. marketing Post author

      Hi Atle,
      I don’t want to make any weight claims as it depends on the configuration. Best for you to call in and speak with our service rep and get that information. They can help you out.

  3. Matthew Daumen

    What is the chain tensioner you’re using that lets you properly tension the wheel while using the non-turn washers for the alfine hub?

    1. Walter

      This is simpler than it looks. Since we’re using horizontal drop outs (or, as Sheldon Brown would prefer it, rearward facing fork ends), we can just borrow something oft used in the BMX world. The specific tensioner we use at time of writing is a Sunlite, UPC#072774016242.

  4. Ryan

    In the unpacking video, it is stated that the bike can fit into a suitcase for air travel. Is that true of the “Bike Everyday 8-speed carbon drive” upgrade as well? From the photos, it looks like there is a rear-wheel bike rack and wheel guards for rain on that upgrade, so I was wondering if this statement still applied.

  5. Nick V

    Hi there,
    I love your bikes, but the website, well that’s another matter entirely, I find it really difficult finding some of the information I’m looking for and often navigating back to something I saw before turns into a chore…
    In the case of Packit – folded size? (it says 36″x25″x12″ in the additional info tab, but that’s way larger than the NWT at 32″x24″x12″) is that a typo? Also impossible to find out if the Packit can be rolled on it’s wheel when folded, like the Tikit? I own both NWT and Tikit and find the ability to roll the Tikit when folded absolutely essential.
    Luggage: There’s an option for rear rack on the Packit, but no picture – is it a low rack of the Tikit type? Is it folding rack? Is it packable for travel? How about front rack? Or any other way of attaching luggage to the front? Again – there’s a couple of confusing pictures with front and rear packs attached, without any description or link to a product.
    I know, I can contact Customer service and they’ll answer, but all this is essential info and should be available on the bike model’s page.

    1. Walter

      There’s two possible folded sizes, depending on how much you compact it down, as you can see on this page:

      Fits into small spaces:  28″ x 17″ x 8″ when folded and packed into the backpack.
      Quick compact fold: Folds in under 20 seconds to 38″ x 24″ x 10″ (96 cm x 61 cm x 25 cm)

      The pakiT is not a tikit, although it seeks to serve the same need. Instead of focusing on the fastest fold, the pakiT focuses on lightweight, simplicity, and compactness. So it’s not really fair to think about the tikit or compare it to the the tikit, as it’s an entirely different thing.

      The pakiT cannot roll on any wheels (this is why we don’t mention it, just as we don’t on the New World Tourist page).

      There is no front rack and the rear rack is really only good at carrying a trunk bag. It can stay on the bike to fold or pack in the suitcase, though.

      The other pieces of luggage you see are just various and sundry things available in the general bike industry. If you want to carry stuff on a pakiT, that’s how to do it. I use a Carradice SQR bag, for example. Not only do we not carry those, but they’re kind of hard to get since they come from the UK.


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