Bike Friday Gift Certificate


We have Bike Friday gift certificates.



For all you Bike Friday lovers and lovers to be, we introduce Gift Certificates.  We have talked to many, many people over the years who wished they had an easy way to give the gift of a new Bike Friday but didn’t have an easy way to do that. This is perfect for the grandparents that know their kids need a family bike or the loving spouse who wants to surprise their loved one with a trip around the world. The time is now!

We have many options to choose from and an easy system to ensure it’s easy for all parties involved.  We look forward to helping you help others with the gift of health, adventure and a better way of living each and every day.

How does this work you ask?

Step 1: Buy a gift certificate in the price range you think the receiver would need to get the intended bike.

Step 2: In checkout, you will add a note with the receivers name and basic information so we can create a file for them.  We will make a note in our system who paid for the certificate for proper tracking.

Step 3: We will send a custom Bike Friday holiday card which was drawn by our very own in-house artist Merle Rothweiler for you to fill out and it will have a certificate inside.

Step 4: After the receiver receives their gift, they will have directions on how to proceed in ordering a bike(we will include that with the card and certificate).

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

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