Cycling across Death Valley on a folding bike

I’ll Take the Low Road! Crossing the California Desert and High Sierra By Peter J. Marsh A few days into 2015 we saw the pictures of the first ascent of the 3,000-foot Dawn Wall in Yosemite Valley, accomplished by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson. They “free climbed” it — without any artificial aid — which […]

Finding Hidden Gems by Bike in the Middle East

  We just received this great update from Mary D. & Bob S. who recently returned from a trip to Israel and Palestine: We are a retired American couple who live in France. When we travel by airplane, we cycle on our Bike Fridays. This trip we went to Israel and Palestine/West Bank. The weather […]

Bike Friday Riders Continue to Blow Us Away

We Couldn’t Believe What Happened Next… A community of early-adopting cyclists quickly formed after the creation of the very first Bike Fridays. We were (and still are) blown away by what these intrepid cyclists did with their brand new travel bikes. Here are incredible true stories of some of the earliest Bike Friday riders! Cycling […]

The very first Bike Friday

How the First Bike Friday was Born

How the First Bike Friday was Born By Co-founder Alan Scholz In 1992 the first Bike Friday was delivered. We named it the “Sport 14”. It’s now known as the New World Tourist and is still the most popular Bike Friday ever! Long before the first Bike Friday was born there was the discovery of […]

Eight Bike Friday riders trek the Great Allegheny Passage

The Bike Friday Community

Connect and ride with Bike Friday cyclists around the world! There are a number of great ways to get involved in the Bike Friday Community, whether it’s just down the street or it’s Down Under. Facebook Groups The number one way to connect with Bike Friday owners across the globe is through the various Bike Friday Facebook groups: […]

The Joys of Traveling Japan on a Folding Bike

  A Bike Friday Pocket Crusoe has been a part of my bike collection since 2011.  In the past I have owned more bikes at a single time, but at present, my “stable” consists of three quite different types – a road bike made by Giant, the BF, and more recently a Brompton ML6.  I […]

20 Years with Bike Friday

. Having been around for nearly 25 years, it’s not uncommon for us to receive updates from customers who bought their Bike Friday 20+ years ago. The following was a lovely note that we recently received from Steve S. in the UK: . In the Nineties, I started to travel a lot on business in […]