Review: The Morpher Folding Helmet

Crowd-funded Folding Helmet Supporter & Bike Friday Owner Jeffrey B. Reviews the Morpher . The Morpher helmet is a foldable bicycle helmet, meant for all styles of riding. It features a simple design that is quick and easy to operate. Initially funded on Indie-Go-Go in 2013, the Morpher is manufactured by Strategic Sports LTD and […]

Ten Days Touring Tanzania

    An exciting update from two Vermonters volunteering abroad.   New World Tourist owners Barry Goodman & Elisa Vandervort recently contacted us to share a story of their travels in Tanzania. The couple signed up through the Peace Corps to teach nurses & midwives for a year in Dodoma. Being experienced cycle-tourists, and having two […]

An Epic Homecoming

Homecoming means so many different things for different folks, but when it comes to Bike Friday owner Harvey Cain, returning to Lake Forest College for the Homecoming football game means much more. Cain not only graduated from the school in 1952, he was born at the hospital on campus. Both his parents graduated from Lake […]

Reach for the Summit

BY RAZ A bicycle belongs on a pedestal as much as your backside belongs on a sofa. It might seem like a good idea, but it’s against its nature. I’ve thought about that a lot as I’d stroll past our Super Pro sitting in our Factory Showroom in Eugene. Don’t get me wrong. It looks […]

Making of: A photoshoot

You might be able to imagine what it’s like to roll out a new model in Oregon in the middle of winter. OK, if you can’t conjure it up in your mind, let me assist. I sat at my desk as rain pelted off the window for the who-knows-how-many straight day. Our first bike with […]