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Building bikes the way we do — tailored to fit each customer — is a privilege. We love getting to know the people who buy our bikes. From sales to production to shipping, we are connected to each rider. And in a sense, no matter where you go, we are along for the ride. So come and meet your Bike Friday team.


MANAGEMENT management@bikefriday.com

Alan Scholz, CEO & CO-FOUNDER, inventor, R&D – Alan@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday Garage: Pocket Rocket Pro, Tandem Traveler Sport, and the latest prototype.

Alan has had a deep love for the benefits of a biking lifestyle since he was a teenager in Fargo, North Dakota. With a desire to make things that help people live a healthier more active life he has founded several businesses and designed many successful products in his life. He founded the original Burley Bags that became Burley Design in 1969. He later co-founded Advanced Training Products and Green Gear Cycling (dba Bike Friday) with his brother Hanz in 1992.


Bike Friday: Pink & purple Air Friday

Hanz has moved to Washington state to spend time with his family. We still see him in the halls of Bike Friday once and a while. Hanz co-founded Bike Friday with his brother Alan. He’s the designer of Bike Friday New World Tourist, Tandem Two’sDay among many other amazing designs.

Hanna Scholz,  President – HannaS@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday Garage: 1995 Chrome green and purple Bike Friday (I built myself while in junior high), Purple Haul-a-DayYellow Air Friday, Merlot XL Family Tandem, Glacier Pocket Rocket

Hanna grew up in the Bike Friday family. The oldest daughter of Co-founder, Alan Scholz, Hanna was lacing wheels, counting inventory, sewing travel bags, and painted racks by the time she graduated high school. In her early 20s, she started full-time work at Bike Friday and eventually moved into the marketing department. Trained and inspired her Dad’s values of human power and small resource impact on the earth, she lives car-free in the converted garage right along the bike path. She either rides her bike or walks to work in the mornings. Hanna also lives in a Tiny home, see how she really lives a sustainable lifestyle.

A short film showing my Sustainable Living project at my house

My Suburban Conversion Part 1
My suburban Conversion Part 2

Jordan Bishko,  J.D./M.B.A Director of Operations – JordanB@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday Garage: Two Pocket Rockets, three tikits, and a tandem.

Jordan moved to Oregon for graduate school and never left. An avid bicyclist, Jordan has worked in the biking industry off and on for more than 15 years. As Operations Manager at Bike Friday, Jordan manages the value streams for the company including service and production. In other words, he finds problems and solves them. He believes he has found the perfect job and we believe we found the perfect operations manager.

BICYCLE CONSULTANTS – consultants@bikefriday.com

Some of our Bike Consultants started as Bike Friday customers. Some have worked in our production line. All are cyclists, logging thousands of miles each year, and want to share their knowledge with you.

Walter Lapchynski,  BIKE EXPERT, LONG TIME VETERAN AND DER FAHRRADSPEZIALIST – walter@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday Garage: tikit Alfine 11 belt drive, Haul-a-Day, OSATA

Walter is one of Bike Friday’s old-timers having worked in nearly every part of the company: production, inventory, service, and now as a Professional Bicycle Travel Consultant. Pick a destination and he’ll help facilitate a Bike Friday to take with you on your travels! Walter lives, breathes and rides Bike Friday. He is an everyday commuter who wholeheartedly believes in the bicycle as a revolutionary machine.

Peter Berra,  BICYCLE EXPERT – USA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, CHINA, THAILAND – peterb@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday Garage: Pocket Llama, Pocket Rocket, SatR’Day, Family Tandem, Triple Tandem XL, Tikit, Silk, & Haul-a-Day.

Peter specializes in recreational, commuting, touring, road, mountain, single speeds, tandems and most things bike related. Peter believes that bikes are one of the best inventions ever, and a positive source of energy for a healthier, happier way of life. With more than 17 years of knowledge and experience, working in just about every department at Bike Friday, Peter feels confident in understanding and recommending the right Bike Friday for you.


SERVICE TEAM – service@bikefriday.com

Our service team lives to make it better. They’re each part doctor, part diplomat, part engineer, and part sleuth. Put those elements together and you have a team of ultimate problem solvers standing by to get you up and running and back on the road.



Bike Friday Garage: Pocket Companion-Green Gear Green

Over the years Kent has ridden and owned lots of bikes and had many adventures, but he always knew the Bike Friday was special. It’s a bike made by folks who really love bicycles. Kent is one of those people now. After a dozen years working at various bike shops and bicycle non-profit organizations, he now works at Bike Friday in the Service Department, helping well-loved and well-worn Bike Fridays continue to have adventures all over the world.

You can read his blog here

Sam LaClair – Customer Sales/Service Team SamL@bikefriday.com

Sam is on our Customer Service team as well as a design expert.  He comes with a wealth of knowledge and passion for not only bikes but bikes that ride and perform well.  His main goal is to ensure you enjoy your bike no matter what. Sam is the first person you will normally talk to on the phone while troubleshooting any issues you might have.

Clayton WilliamsBike Builder  claytonw@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday:

Since 2013 I have operated a Mobile Bicycle Repair service called Patchwork Repair (http://patchworkrepair.tumblr.com). We do repairs from our custom-built cargo bike which is actually how I met the founder of Bike Friday, Alan. We got to talking about bicycle design and I was invited for a tour of the factory which was what inspired me to drop off my portfolio. when I was in college I studied Industrial design and business which lead me to build my own service-based around cycling and helping our community live better through good design. Marrying the two at Bike Friday has been a natural fit. Started in the service department get to get my hands dirty, test ride all the bikes, and contribute to a team of other passionate individuals who handcraft bicycles that go all around the world and now in the line building new bikes.


Ryan has worked at Bike Friday longer than any other employee.


Todd Reed, E-COMMERCE/Shipping MANAGER – ToddR@bikefriday.com

Todd has been riding bikes all his life. He still remembers being particularly frustrated trying to master the Schwinn 3-speed and other low-end bikes he rode as a kid. He likes to tinker with projects such as lighting systems and other add-ons for his bikes making them more useful and fun to ride. Todd looks forward to riding his Bike Friday on some great adventures.

PRODUCTION TEAM – info@bikefriday.com

These are hardly production personnel in the traditional sense of the word. We think of them more as wizards. These are the craftspeople whose labor of love is hand-building your Bike Friday.

Peter ‘Don’t Ask Me to Tour’ Kaspar, LINE MASTER/Mad Scientist – PeterK@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday: Air Friday, Pocket Rocket Pro, Tandem, Triple, and several other, one of a kind experiments (always with high performance in mind, it must go fast!!)

Merle Rothweiler, PRODUCTION – MerleR@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday: New World Tourist

Merle is our resident artist! He loves to draw and make metal sculptures out of discarded bike frame scraps. His posters are for sale in the web store.

Mike Cheek, LINE MASTER – MikeC@bikefriday.com

Damon Vold, PRODUCTION TEAM LEADER/Line Master – DamonV@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday Garage: Haul-a-Day, Pocket Rocket, New World Tourist, Llama, tikit

Damon has been with Bike Friday for over 8 years and is currently our head line-master.  Family man, bike lover and builds most of the wheels on all the bikes we sell. You will find Damon with a smile on his face and willing to talk bike-parts and design with all.

Leo Shotridge, PRODUCTION – LeoS@bikefriday.com

Frame prep and master painter here at Bike Friday.  He ensures your bike paint comes from the paint booth looking it’s best. He is no question the master of his domain.

MARKETING – marketing@bikefriday.com

To be fair, we should probably include every Bike Friday owner who has ever had a kind word to say about us, in our marketing team. The truth is, our customers have always been the power behind all of our marketing efforts, spreading the word and telling the world about their Bike Friday. Thank you…you make Marketing easier.

Jarl Berg, Marketing & Community Manager – jarlb@BikeFriday.com

Bike Friday: Haul-A-Day, Tandem, Triple, Air Friday, Pocket Rocket

Jarl is the man behind the curtain making our websites, blog, facebook and all of our other social media sites look great! He also wants all those wonderful Bike Friday travel stories and photos that our customer share with us so we can show you “What you can do on a Friday”. Jarl also knows German and travels back to Germany and Norway often to see family.

Find his work here:

Bike Friday Blog 

Bike Friday facebook


Share a story: jarlb@BikeFriday.com

SUPPORT STAFF – info@bikefriday.com

From answering the phones to tracking invoices to jumping in wherever they are needed, our support staff is invaluable to the entire team.

Theresa Scholz  

Bike Friday: 1993 White diamond-frame New World Tourist

Noah Young, IT

Noah keeps all of our computers running smoothly and the Yoda to all of us young Jedi in training.

Fraeda Scholz, MASTER (mistress) OF ALL TRADES – fraedas@bikefriday.com


Numbers. It’s all about numbers, right? And no matter what your concerns, you can count on our numbers team for answers.

Lisa G, ACCOUNTING – lisag@bikefriday.com

AF Jeff Linder in uniform3 EDITED

Jeff Linder,  PRINCIPAL/HR CONSULTANT/ALL-AROUND GREAT GUY – jeffl@bikefriday.com

Bike Friday: Pocket Rocket Pro, Haul-a-Day

Jeff started as a Bike Friday customer in 1994 and eventually bought into the company. An Airline pilot who frequently flew overseas, Jeff liked to take his bike with him on long flights so he could train and stay fit. His bike changed his life and he was so excited he became an angel investor in the company. Jeff has become a close and trusted friend to Alan and Hanz over the years, sharing family vacations together as well as long bike rides.

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