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Office Manager, Executive Assistant and Sales Support

A description of the best candidate:

We are looking for that special someone who helps our team run smoothly. Bike Friday is a custom folding bike manufacturer who ships bikes all over the world. We are a Family Business that cares about our customers and employees. We need a high energy person who greets our customers and insures they are taken care of and also digs into their work to understand and gets things done. You will be and Executive Assistant to the President while covering the responsibilities of the Office Manager that supports sales and marketing. You are exceptionally organized and maintain a good calendar. You can flow with the varied needs of the day by maintaining several tasks as well as other projects that come up. Might you be this special someone? We need you on our team. Full time (Mon – Fri) flexible for the right person. Please send a cover letter with a qualifications brief or resume to Want to know more about us?


Warm and friendly, up-beat, face of the company – answers multi-line phones and showroom door
Exceptionally Organized and detail oriented person who can also organizes others
Runs a good calendar
Proactive go getter focused on getting the job done and taking care of customers
Can track multiple activities at once comfortably
Likes dealing with people and is also a focused goal oriented person
Comfortable on the computer and with basic desktop publishing
Likes to work on a team and help others be successful
Interested in doing what is needed for the team
Is flexible enough to work on different projects when needed but can also maintain deadlines
Naturally keeps track of the pulse of the group
Can herd cats
Strong communication skills spoken and written
Don’t get their feelings hurt easily – Mature and experienced with people
Fast and accurate clerical skills
Comfortable with numbers and %
Very focused on customer service, you help fill in the gaps between the team members.
Big plus to be a cyclist so you are familiar with cycling culture
Likes bikes and can change your own flat tire – not intimidated with basic tools

Tasks you would do:

– Greet customers and make sure they are taken care of. Answer incoming calls for the whole company. Answer the showroom door.

– Maintain company calendars

– Marketing and Sales support (finding information, doing mailings, expediting orders, talking to dealers and customers if Rep is not available…).

– Purchasing office supplies and some other shop supplies

– Support bike production schedule

– Calling customers for information some times

– At times be main point person for some projects that involve several people

– Keep main office, showroom and lunchroom clean and stocked

Please fill out this Application and send us your resume to

The Application can be found Here

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Inventory Control Manager and Bicycle Production Team Support

Green Gear Cycling (Bike Friday) is an internationally recognized manufacturer of high performance folding bicycles for traveling and utilitarian/commuting use. Many of our designs are the market benchmark product. We employ lean manufacturing techniques (Toyota Production System) to hand fabricate the bicycles here in Eugene OR. We practice open book financial management.

The Inventory Control & Bike Kitter position is responsible for maintaining accurate inventory and prepare the bicycle component kits for production.

Requisite Skills:

  • Hyper organized- You will be responsible for receiving all of the bicycle components into inventory and kitting all of the bicycles entering production. This must be done in a timely and organized manner. Done correctly, production sails through bikes, done improperly, the production is hobbled to a standstill.

  • Problem solving skills. Half of your time should be used for kitting bikes the other half is for answering bells, receiving components into inventory, general inventory control, and problem solving/ improvements of the area.

  • Strong critical thinking skills

  • Previous inventory experience is quite helpful

  • A good memory will make the job easier and quicker

  • Comfortable with computers and business systems

  • A firm believer of the concept of continuous improvement with experience that reflects this.

  • Bicycle component experience or knowledge strongly recommended

  • Ability to manage the flow of accurate data and timing and also able to appropriately triage when things don’t go as planned and there are still customer promises to meet.

Above are the core skills. Depending on what other skills the applicant brings to the position, there is additional purchasing and scheduling responsibilities that could make this more of a managerial position, and compensated accordingly.

Benefits include 401K, covered bike parking, shower facilities, discount on bike parts, paid holidays, shop privileges and, you get yourself a personal bike on the company’s dime. We are family friendly. Wages are based upon merit, not seniority.

The Application can be found Here

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