Our Favorite Photos Of 2017

2017 has come and gone and while it’s hard to deny that the world has seen its fair share of turmoil this year, we found that there were still plenty of moments worthy of celebration! For Bike Friday, 2017 marked our 25th year of operations and it brought many reasons to celebrate. We wanted to start the year by looking back at a few of our favorite moments and photographs of 2017, this is a combination of moments that were important to us and photos that were especially loved by our community. We hope you enjoy looking back at them as much as we did!

President Hanna Scholz celebrates successful StartEngine Campaign

In this photo, Bike Friday President Hanna Scholz takes a moment to relax and appreciate the success of our StartEngine Campaign. Because of this campaign, we had the flexibility to invest in ourselves and plan to use the momentum to have an incredible 2018 filled with growth!

Haul-a-day Power Makes Community Movie Possible

Seeing our bikes being used out in the world has a way of bringing warmth to our hearts, but some situations are even more special than others. Seeing these children from Oaxaca, Mexico power their own enjoyment using a Bike Friday was truly a moment to be remembered. Revisit this story in our prior blog post.

Pocket Rocket Pro Overlooks Beautiful Brazil

This photo comes from instagram user @d_sojourner who travels far and wide with his Pocket Rocket Pro. This stunning shot captures the  essence of rainforest capped hills of Brazil and was purportedly taken below the world renowned ‘Christ The Redeemer’ statue during Diederik’s impressive ride!

A New Team Member Experiences Bike Friday Joy For The First Time

In 2017, we welcomed a handful of new team members to Bike Friday including Jac, our newest Marketing & Community Manager Jac got his first real chance to experience Bike Friday while exploring Costa Rica. This shot captured some of his first moments on the bike, you can see the joy in his smile!

Haul-a-day Proves Itself as a Heavy Duty Person Powered Transport!

There’s nothing as satisfying as seeing another happy customer, and this next photo fits the bill perfectly. Maria uses her Haul-a-day to help her complete tasks for her own business and this shot shows exactly why it’s become such an asset for her: serious carrying capability! Keep pushing, Maria!

Those were our favorite moments of 2017! Did you have a a great moment with your Bike Friday that you’d love to share? Send it to us (info@bikefriday.com) or leave it in the comments below. We are incredibly excited to generate more of these moments in 2018 and we are glad to have all of you to share it with!

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One thought on “Our Favorite Photos Of 2017


    On the morning of December 29, 2017 it was 14 degrees in Brooklyn, NY. But that didn’t stop me from pedaling my way to Prospect Park on my pink and yellow mini velo, Lemonade, AKA a New World Tourist, light. There I joined a group of brave souls on bikes there to participate in a special task. After years of petitioning and trial periods through the Summer months, we escorted the last car out of the park since it will now be car free 24/7 year round. This is a big accomplishment in achieving a safer and more enjoyable city park. I’m happy to report that my bike performed flawlessly despite the intense cold.


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