Ever-E-Day Electric Cargo Bike

Breaking out of the box of Electric and Cargo Bikes!

The Ever-E-Day is lighter, more compact, has more options,

more sizes….it does things other bikes just can’t!


Built as daily transportation for the climate warrior


A light, sporty electric cargo bike with the capacity to haul what you need with nimble elegance!


With multi-tool adaptability, it handles whatever life throws your way and adjusts to your future needs.


Feature rich with agility as part of its secret – this electric bike does things others just can’t! Read on…


The Ever-E-Day

Has all the benefits of a Cargo and an Electric Bike, plus more!

For the commuter, the parent, the adventure cyclist or retiree.

The Ever-E-Day with super cargo accessory kit, shown here, carries cargo and rider up to 385 lbs.



Much Lighter and Still Strong!

Most Electric bikes and Cargo bikes are 55 to 70 lbs! The Ever-E-Day starts at 36 lbs and still carries rider and cargo up to 385lbs.




More compact for easy maneuvering on stairs, through doorways, and for storage.

The Ever-E-Day has a wheel base 43-47 inches depending on frame size. Most cargo bikes are 60-70 inches long, hard to maneuver and store or travel on other transportation methods.



Your Perfect Size – Truly!

The Ever-E-Day frame is built to adjust the size in three places so you can really have an electric cargo bike that fits you properly (from 4ft to 6 ft 4 inches)

You can change the size in just a few minutes to fit anyone in your family also!


Electric assist system with several great features!


    • There are 5 levels of assist (0-4) you control with an easy grip shift controller

    • The mid-drive pedal assist motor uses speed, RPM, and strain sensors to smooth out changes in shifting and pedal effort, making transitions seem natural.

    • Comes with integrated front and rear LED lights, powered by the battery, and operated by a button on the control.

    • Three lithium ion battery options to fit your needs!

          • A light weight battery that goes 25+ miles on one charge.
          • A larger battery that goes 65+ miles on one charge. You can even get additional swappable batteries for longer distances.
          • A special airline check-able battery upgrade option (LIGO) makes this the only electric cargo bike you can fly with.



First electric cargo bike that packs into a suitcase and can travel by air!

Typical E-bikes and Cargo bikes are too large and heavy to fly and their batteries are illegal on planes.

The Ever-E-Day disassembles and packs into a standard airline suitcase, is lighter and smaller for easy storage, and the LIGO battery upgrade option is legal to fly with by airline.

Easily Carries One Child

With the Whoopee Bar a child age 3-9 can ride comfortably

With a Yepp seat or style child seat a child 1-4 can ride comfortably



Ever-E-Day Minimalist Front Angled


The Ever-E-Day Minimalist offers a choice to start light, simple and then add accessories over time.


The Minimalist starts at 36lbs and comes with:

Electric assist motor

Front and rear lights wired to motor

Light weight 25+ mile battery

Single side kickstand

Frame braze-ons compatible with many rear racks on the market




Hand Made in the USA No other cargo bike is hand made in the USA!

Long list of high value features for your money

The Ever-E-Day minimalist starts at $2,595.

Most high quality electric and cargo bikes with top end features start at $3,000 to $6,000 and up.

Said another way the Ever-E-Day does more at less weight and less price than any bike out there!


Choose the Accessory Ensemble that fits your lifestyle

from the four options below

-Click Picture Below (that matches your interest) to Start Order-


Ever-E-Days for every use because everyday is different!

Click here for the 2021 Ever-E-Day User Manual


Customers Response to the Ever-E-Day
“I used to believe cargo bikes were just heavy and I told families they just had to accept that…. I didn’t know it was possible to have a cargo bike and electric bike under 50 lbs that would carry a child! The Ever-E-Day is a great small zippy everyday bike!”

-Shane MacRhodes -Safe Routes to school coordinator

“It rides like a sporty touring bike! Smaller and lighter than my other cargo bike and corners better, I love it!”

– Mark Holms

“I live in an apartment up a flight of stairs. I needed a cargo bike but the ones I have seen were just too heavy to carry up my stairs every day. The Ever-E-Day is not much heavier than my commuter bike so it really makes it possible to have an electric cargo bike in my life!”

-Will Gurney

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by Shane MacRhodes on Bike Friday
The Ever-E-Day is a great zippy everyday bike!

I used to believe cargo bikes were just heavy and I told families they just had to accept that…. I didn’t know it was possible to have a cargo bike and electric bike under 50 lbs that would carry a child! The Ever-E-Day is a great small zippy everyday bike!

-Shane MacRhodes -Safe Routes to school coordinator

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