Electric Assist System Overview

Bike Friday is Focused on Enhancing Your Cycling Experience with Electric Assist

We believe e-assist is meant to help you feel powerful and capable riding your bike. Assisting you when the hill is steep, your load is heavy or your partner is faster. It will keep you pedaling through the variations in your life that might otherwise take you off the bike. A win, win, win.

We chose the best electric assist kits for cyclists with these values:

  • We believe that pedaling is an essential part of cycling. Being able to control your speed/power with your own legs comes naturally to a cyclist.
  • A great bike that fits is an essential part of cycling. So each kit can be added or subtracted from your personal bike whenever you wish. It does not detract from your bike, it only adds value.
  • It must be able to complete serious adventures. So each kit is built to use over long distances.
  • We want our products to deliver the best value when considering weight, function and cost. A high quality investment.

Each of the 3 electric assist kits:

  • Are 36 Volt Systems
  • The Controllers Maximum Amp hours is 15 Amps
  • The wattage varies by battery and usage but ranges 288Watts – 500 Watts
  • All systems are Pedal Assist only so there is no electric assist with out pedaling (this is key in some laws)
  • The Controller can be programed for your local laws
  • From the Factory we program the motor to support at maximum speed of 20mph.

Overview of the Full Bike Friday Suite

Electric Pedal Assist Systems

Front Hub Drive:

Motor replaces front hub in front wheel

Front Wheel Electric Assist Kit with Ligo Travel Batteries on a Bike Friday New World Tourist Silk

– This kit is compatible with all Bike Friday models –


  • With a second front wheel and 3 minutes you can take off all but one lb of the weight (removing motor and battery) and have your light non-assisted bike ready to ride
  • No motor resistance when coasting or riding with out power
  • Fits both 20 inch wheel and 16 inch wheel Bike Fridays
  • LiGo travel battery upgrade option available (as seen in picture above)
  • Comes standard with pedal assist


  • This drive system makes slightly more noise than our other electric assist offerings.

System price for kit starts at $845  (bike price not included)


Motor replaces cranks and bottom bracket

Mid-drive Electric Assist Kit with Bottle Battery on a Bike Friday Haul-a-Day

– Available on non-folding Bike Fridays : Haul-a-Day, Family Tandem and OSATA

This is a very popular system in China where 30 million electric assist bikes are sold yearly. It is little known in North America and we have been thrilled to discover it. A few of us on the Bike Friday team have put this kit on our Haul-a-Days and love it!


  • Most efficient system in terms of of battery use
  • Best hill climbing capabilities. Battery lasts longer despite hills and distance
  • LiGo travel battery upgrade option available
  • Bottom bracket integrated pedal assist for smooth acceleration
  • This motor runs nearly silently!


  • Limited crank options (170mm length)
  • Limited number of front chain rings (only 1)
  • Assisted speed is limited by adjustable setting that tops out at 90 RPM
  • Limited to non-folding Bike Fridays only

System price for kit starts at $1,000 (bike price not included)

Rear Hub Drive

Motor replaces rear hub in rear wheel

– This kit is compatible with all Bike Friday models –

This is another internationally popular system that we are introducing on our bikes! We believe it will be equally popular with our customers because of the unique features it offers. This system packs easily and pairs well with out Ligo batteries making it an ideal setup for travelers!


  • Is similar to the front hub motor kit but also has an 8,9,10 spd cassette driver. This allows it to work with all rear dérailleurs.
  • No motor resistance
  • Fits all 20” wheels (406mm & 451mm)
  • Very light! Adds only ~ 11 lbs to your bike
  • Ligo travel battery option makes for a light electric assist bike that is legal to fly with.
  • Very Quiet!
  • Easiest to pack into the suitcase for air travel.
  • Disc brake compatible (except Avid’s)


  • Rear frame dropouts on bike needs to be sized to 137mm – 140mm (wider than usual)

System price for kit starts at $890 (bike price not included)

Battery Options:

Two different battery options that work better in certain situations

Contact us and a bike design expert will help you with your questions and find the best electric kit for your situation.

For retrofitting older Bike Fridays with electric assist there are additional costs. Contact us for details.