Electric Assist E-Bike System Overview

Bike Friday Offers Electric Assist (E-Bike) Upgrades for travel and everyday life

100% Focused on Your Cycling Experience


We believe e-assist is meant to help you feel powerful and capable of riding your bike. Assisting you when the hill is steep, your load is heavy or your riding partners are faster. It will keep you pedaling through the variations in your life that might otherwise take you off the bike. A win-win with an assist E-Bike under you.


We chose the best electric pedal assist options for cyclists with these values:

  • We believe that pedaling is an essential part of cycling. Being able to control your speed/power with your own legs comes naturally to a cyclist.
  • A great bike that fits is an essential part of cycling. So each kit can be added or subtracted from your personal bike whenever you wish. It does not detract from your bike, it only adds value.
  • It must be able to complete serious adventures. So each option is built to use over long distances.
  • We want our products to deliver the best value when considering weight, function, and cost. A high-quality investment.

Each of the 3 Electric Assist Systems:

  • Are 36 Volt Systems
  • The Controllers Maximum Amp hours is 15 Amps
  • The capacity varies by battery and usage but ranges 288 watt hours – 500 watt hours
  • All systems are Pedal Assist only so there is no electric assist without pedaling (this is key in some laws)
  • The Controller can be programmed for your local laws
  • From the Factory, we program the motor to support at a maximum speed of 20mph.

Overview of the Full E-Bike Friday Suite

for the urban commuter

Rear Hub Drive which is our most popular system for travel on our folding bikes.

Motor replaces rear hub in the rear wheel.  This is a Bafang motor which has been tuned to perfectly work with our wheel size and bikes.  It’s the quietest system you can buy and is super smooth which you will love.

Bike Friday New World Tourist E-Bike



Specially designed motor replaces cranks and bottom bracket and tuned for the Bike Friday wheel size.

Mid-drive Electric Assist Kit with Bottle Battery on a Bike Friday Haul-a-Day

– Available on non-folding Bike Fridays: Ever-E-Day, Haul-a-Day, Family Tandem, and OSATA

Front Hub Drive:

Motor replaces front hub in the front wheel with a specially designed Bafang motor which is optimized for our wheel size, is the quietest you can buy and works effortlessly.  Optional removal of the front wheel when you want to lighten the overall bike weight depending on its use.

Front Wheel Electric Assist System with Ligo Travel Batteries on a Bike Friday New World Tourist Silk

This is a Bike Friday pakiT with E-Assist upgrade on it with Alfine 8

Battery Options:

Two different battery options that work better in certain situations


– Choose your E-adventure –

– Click Here for Travel Bikes –

– Click Here for City Bikes –

Contact us and a bike design expert will help you with your questions and find the best electric system for your situation.

For retrofitting older Bike Fridays into E-Bikes with an electric assist there are additional costs. Contact us for details.

Here is what a Bike Friday customer had to say when she added an electric assist to her Bike Friday:

First off, just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying my upgraded Bike Friday. It’s actually making me cycle more, and work harder, and sweat more. I spend more time in the saddle and more time spinning because the psychological hurdle of wondering if I’ll conk before I make it all the way back home is gone. Also, I’m freed to explore the hilly areas around me that I was nervous to do much of before a bit of power. Because I have a built-in habit of going for a certain amount of pedal resistance when I ride, my worry that I’d just become lazy with an e-assist is fading. I now get how this technology can be great for true cyclists….” -Abby

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