The e-pakiT: an adventurous e-assist bike that won’t break your back or the bank

When Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz invented the pakiT he envisioned a nimble, lightweight folder that was ready to go anywhere and everywhere. An exciting part of that vision, straight from the sketchbook, was that it should be electrified. Alan saw in the mad dash toward the pedal-assisted bicycles of the future that, somehow, the industry had forgotten the need for a lightweight option. Furthermore, an e-assist bike that could easily travel the world stowed away on a plane, was also glaringly absent. We’re proud to say that the e-pakiT fills those needs: it easily converts between e-assist and non e-assist, it’s lightweight even for an e-bike, and its unique battery system allows it to be safely transported on airplanes– something previously not possible.

Here’s an overview of the system and how it works:

The heart of this brilliant system is the Bafang G01 Front Hub Motor that smoothly delivers 250-500W of power at a top speed of 18 mph for up to 20-30 miles on a single charge. With a 2+ hour charge time, you can count on this bad boy to get you to work and back without breaking a sweat, or leaving you hanging.

(pictured above is our old controller, we have since updated. Look below for new controller pictures)

Speed levels are controlled by a combination of a twist-grip throttle and the Ezee LED console. The Ezee LED console, with an easy graphical display and 5 assist levels, allows you to set the maximum amount of boost that the motor will give you. While the throttle provides you with a responsive control system to drive as much of that power as you need into your ride in any given moment.

The real brains of the operation are the clever stackable LiGo Batteries from our partner Grin Technologies; if you want longer-lasting power all you have to do is link up an additional battery! Because each battery is under 100Wh, it meets the safety requirements of most airlines; for the first time ever you can take your e-assist bike with you anywhere you travel! An additional benefit for the weight conscious rider is that you can take as only much weight in batteries as you need for any given bike ride, and never a single ounce more!

Currently, we are the only bike manufacturer designing out bikes to use the LiGo system so we are the only Electric bike you can travel with.

And if weight is a deciding factor for you, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve designed the heaviest parts of the system to be easily removed in under 4 minutes. That’s right, in a matter of minutes you can convert your speedy globe-trotting e-demon into a super slick, lightweight folder that floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. It’s practically like having two bikes in one!

The electric assist upgrade option for the pakiT, made in partnership with Grin Technologies, retails for $1,290. A fully electrified pakiT starts at $2,385. Ready to design your own electric pakiT?

Got Questions? Contact us by clicking below or call 1-800-777-0258 (a real person will answer!)

Watch an overview of the new e-pakiT:

2018 Update:

We are now mainly using Bafang motors due to them being the most popular system in the world and the LiGo batteries from Grin Tech because it’s the only battery you can currently travel with.  It’s working super well and getting lots of great customer feedback. More to come as we move into 2019 and toy with integrated battery systems in the rack(stay tuned).

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