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pakiT: Belt Drive Bicycle


pakiT: Belt Drive Bicycle pkt-blt
$1500 In stock
Brand:Bike Friday pakiT
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Rider Inseam - Measure pubic bone to floor in stocking feet.
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Back Pack for pakiT Yes I want a back pack (225) No I don't want a back pack (0)
e-Assist Upgrade Yes, I want the e-assist upgrade (1290) No, I don't need want the e-assist upgrade (0)
Travel Case for Airline Yes I want a Travel Case and packing materials (285) No I don't want a Travel Case (0)
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pakiT rear rack and fender. Fenders - $65. Rack - $110. Each sold separately. e-assist upgrade from Grin Technologies - $1290 pakiT in back pack at trainstation fun agile ride folded pakiT and backpack button for pakiT rear end fold pakiT belt drive pakiT fits next to couch pakiT packs in suitcase for airline travel The pakiT fits into the trunk of a Miata