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Haul-a-Day : 24 Speed Cargo Bike


Haul-a-Day : 24 Speed Cargo Bike 20216
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Brand:Bike Friday Haul-a-Day
24 speed gears are standard
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Handle Bars Flat Bars (0) Cargo Bars (40)
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Fenders Yes I want fenders (65) No I don't want fenders (0)
Front Frame Mounted Basket Yes - I want this (120) No - I don't want this (0)
One-child accessory kit - bars, cushion, and foot rest Yes - I want this (175) No - I don't need it (0)
Two-child accessory kit - hand rails, cushion, and foot rest Yes - I want this (269) No - I don't need it (0)
Electronic Assist Kit - BionX Yes - I want this! (1900) No - I don't need this (0)
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Flat Bars - These bars are tried and true, they come standard at no extra charge. Cargo Bars - Swept back bars for greater control and comfort - $40 One-Child Accessory Package - $175 Two-Child Accessory Package - $269 Front Frame Mounted Basket - attached to the frame, not the fork, so it will stay steady and balanced in all handling - $120 Fender Set (Installed) - $65 The Haul-a-Day adjusts in size using this clever telescoping mechanism John P. taking his two boys to school in California Epic mail day! The Haul-a-Day takes it all in stride The HaD fits on most bus racks! BionX E-assist - Rear hub motor and large battery for a powerful Boost The cargo bags take 2+ large grocery bags easily The front basket can carry a picknic for a lovely day at the park together