A Slick Custom Paint Job For The Haul-a-Day

Every so often we get a particularly wild color combination coming through the line. Surprisingly, its rarely a Haul-a-Day that gets decked out. Maybe Haul-a-Day owners are a bit more cautious? Or maybe they just don’t know that they can get their accessories painted separately?

Either way, here’s a great example that just rolled off the line!



Some of the guys on the shop floor took to calling it the “Good & Plenty” bike. And while not entirely accurate to the paint scheme, it’s still kind of great.



All the diamond plate metal on the bike, usually a shiny silver, can be painted whatever color you like. With so many black components already on this bike, the Ink Black was a classy choice.




Speaking of Ink Black, normally all of the accessory tubing is painted black too. But this customer had a vision, and pink tubing was key.




And we couldn’t help it, since we were taking glamor shots we had to snap a few of the bike by this rad graffiti. The matching colors were just too good.








What do you think about these colors? Do they make you want to go out and buy a box of Good & Plenty’s? What would your color combo be? Leave a comment below!



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3 thoughts on “A Slick Custom Paint Job For The Haul-a-Day

  1. Lin B

    I would do a red frame with black trim. Add some black 3m glow tape on the red frame and it would look a lot like my current BF….named “Ladybug”. =)

  2. Nina Sabghir

    I have added black reflective dots ( actually hexagonal) from Ridesafe. I use them on 2 of my bikes with black rims. One is my BF New World Tourist Light. The other is a road bike with 26 inch wheels. (I’m really short) The effect is really slick. I use other colors on the frames and on my helmet. There are other shapes as well.


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