Riding is Believing: Why People Convert to Bike Friday

“Are folding bikes slow?” . “Do you have to pedal more because of the little wheels?” . “How does it ride compared to a real bike?” . These are some of the most frequent questions that we get from the general populous. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about what our bikes are capable of; which […]


Best Folding Bike, Best Friend, Mr. Friday

New World Tourist Owner Arleene A. Just Wrote to Tell Us How Much She Loves Her Bike Friday! From Arleene: . . You know a bike is well loved when it gets a name!  Mr. Friday and I have gone on many great trips together. He accompanied me for all my rides around the city […]

Touring the Netherlands with two Bike Friday bikes

Riding a Bike Friday in the Netherlands

We recently heard from Bike Friday owner Steve O. about his frequent travels to The Netherlands, here’s Steve to tell you more about it: . We fell in love with bike touring riding standard bikes in the Netherlands, a cyclist paradise. And I fell in love with folding bikes on my local commute to office. […]

A folding bike in a magical tunnel in Korea

Biking Seoul to Busan, South Korea

A solo bike touring trip from Seoul to Busan on a Bike Friday tikit. By Aaron Lim . . . My 1st bike touring trip overseas over a period of 8 days. It’s an adventure that I will never forget as I did a cross country of Korea in late autumn transitioning to winter. As […]


The pakiT: A Lighter, Easier, More Convenient Bike

Long time Bike Friday owner Sally C. stays nimble, and keeps up with her granddaughter on her new pakiT . . I heard about the pakiT from a Bike Friday e-mail message and originally thought about it for our grandson, who was starting college.  I did call Bike Friday and upon hearing the price I […]


Review: The Morpher Folding Helmet

Crowd-funded Folding Helmet Supporter & Bike Friday Owner Jeffrey B. Reviews the Morpher . The Morpher helmet is a foldable bicycle helmet, meant for all styles of riding. It features a simple design that is quick and easy to operate. Initially funded on Indie-Go-Go in 2013, the Morpher is manufactured by Strategic Sports LTD and […]


Descend On Bend

We recently caught wind of an epic annual camping event in the Oregon Outback- Descend on Bend. . Photo Credit: Shane Jordan – http://www.livethevanlife.com/ . Photo Credit: @imdbui . Bike Friday owner Fel P. tipped us off to the raucous Vanagon inspired gathering, after he took his family’s Haul-a-Day, along with their Vanagon, Arielle, along for […]

Finding Icelandic glaciers while riding a folding bike

Touring Iceland by Bike

Photographer Aaron Lim Just Completed a 2000 km Cycling Journey Across Iceland on His Bike Friday tikit . . . . Back in 2009 I was on a bus ride towards Vatnajokull doing a video project. I noticed Bike tourers along the way and they were all loaded with panniers. I was thinking how nice […]

Changing the narrative around autism with an epic trip across the US

A Family’s Mission to Change the Narrative Around Autism

. To challenge ablism and the narrative around autism, three very brave and committed cyclists trekked across the entire United States. Two of them, Fiona and Travis, are fully grown adults, and the third is their seven year old son, Patch, who was diagnosed with severe autism at 21 months. You may remember this power […]

Eight Bike Friday riders trek the Great Allegheny Passage

9 Cyclists, 8 Bike Fridays, 335 Miles

  These Friends Love to Travel and Tour Together on Their Bike Fridays . Long-time Bike Friday owner Gerda Mesiter Eck recounts how she and her friends became hooked on the travel they could do together with their Bike Fridays: .   Allen Burrell and I have been doing long distance bike trips since we have […]