There’s no hiding now

So, now you see us.

Completely vulnerable.


The new

The Emperor’s New Clothes.

We tried to sneak our way out here. In the web design business, it’s called a soft launch.

One morning you flip a switch (or, in reality, you have your programmer flip a dozen or two) and you replace your old website with the new. Live. You don’t go announcing it to the world. You just hold your breath.

Your first worry is whether or not the whole website will come crashing down around you. That nothing will work — a big worry with all the bells and whistles we have on this site. Your immediate second worry is that everything will work, but no one will notice.

Or care.

In our defense, we had the utmost confidence in our team that the website would work. And, we never doubted for a moment the power of the Bike Friday Community.

The Community, of course, did not let us down. You never do.

When we looked at the raw numbers, we were blown away. On our first full day live, we topped our best numbers for the past year with the number of visitors. The next day we doubled what we usually get.

No doubt, you’ve found us, and told a friend. Or two.

Now our new website is here for everyone to explore. We hope you do a lot of exploring, and let us know exactly what you think. Let us know what isn’t here yet, and we’ll work to get it here.

The backstory

As with most web projects, this was a long time coming. It began in November with a commitment on behalf of Co-Founder Alan Scholz to invest in our website.

In the next month we spent countless hours discussing and debating website theory, determining exactly how we wanted to set up the website for it to be most beneficial to the Bike Friday Community. From Day 1, Alan’s focus has remained on the Community.

We like to think our What Do You Do? area on the site reflects that commitment. While it might take a while for us to get all the great stories and photos moved over to the new website — and trust me, that’s our goal — everyone has the ability to add new photos and stories.

And, the new area has a great search feature that can help you find just what you are looking for. We know the Bike Friday Community will continue to share adventures with everyone. We know that’s where a lot of us spend cold winter days and rainy nights searching for inspiration. That will never change.

We hope we made it easier for you to learn about our company and our bikes. We tried to make it easy to know more about our bikes. We tried to simplify the process.

We have focused on our Bike Fridays with the Select Group. The Select Group itself is the culmination of a lot of Marketing research that told us these are the bicycles you are most interested in.

We continue to offer full Customized bikes — Bike Fridays built-to-order to fit your body and your needs. Just let us know what you need. Communication is important. We welcome emails and phone calls. We want to talk to you. We want to help.

We know that there are countless aspects of websites and changing websites that will create all sorts of situations. We apologize up front for any frustrations, and vow to work to find solutions.

We know it’s not perfect. Nothing ever is, is it? What we do know is that Bike Friday is where it is today because of the vibrant Bike Friday Community, how you believe in us and how you inspire us.




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5 thoughts on “There’s no hiding now

  1. Steve Jones

    Wow! This is looking good, so much better than the old site which was impossible to navigate.
    Now I can find everything I need to order my new bike in one place.
    Wish list ?
    That the great pictures of the bikes and owners were much bigger!
    That the color options and combinations could be dropped onto a picture of the bikes to help visualize what the result will look like!
    Lots of contributions from Bike Friday owners!

  2. Raz Post author

    Thanks for the comments.

    Having a configurator for the Bikes that would show you how they look in each color will be a focus of Phase 2 as we continue to evolve.

    The photos that you would like larger, are they the ones on each page on the left, or in the Gallery?

    1. Raz Post author

      Thanks for the note.

      We still have our Pre-loved bikes. It is in the drop down menu under BICYCLES. It is formatted a little different, and we are working on getting more bikes on the list. But it’s there!

  3. Steve Jones

    I think the gallery pictures are the ones that would benefit from being displayed larger. Some of them don’t look digital so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem as far as resolution is concerned,


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