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School of the Road

Several months ago we were approached by an Australian couple with an amazing idea: to teach their autistic son that there’s nothing that he can’t do by cycling thousands of miles together across the U.S. With the need to both fly thousands of miles and cycle thousands of miles, the couple identified the Pocket Llama as […]

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The “Mini-Van”

  Earlier this year Kristen and her husband Thomas won a Haul-a-Day through a Bicycle Times contest. Kristen is pregnant and as an avid cyclist she and her husband have been looking for ways to continue riding with their new baby. The surprise win of the Haul-a-Day was a dream come true for them. Here’s Kristen’s […]

Haul-a-Day Blogs!(1)

Haul-a-Day Bloggers

  Since it’s inception, the Bike Friday Haul-a-Day has inspired more blogging than any other of our models. Here is an overview of some of our favorite bloggers covering Haul-a-Days!   Lovely Bicycle An approachable blog written with the average reader in mind, Lovely Bicycle is full stories and reviews, set in the backdrop of […]

Haul-a-Day BionX e-assist bicycle

Review: The Haul-a-Day With BionX E-Assist

    By Raz When I hopped onto a Haul-a-Day outfitted with the BionX pedal assist, I fought back the urge. The need for speed. I have ridden a pedal assist before. I knew what would come. What I wondered most was the impact of the BionX unit on the basic ride of the Haul-a-Day. […]

llama on road

The Spirit Ride

  Bike Friday Owner Rich M. Recounts His Final Journey With His Late Wife:   My trusty Bike Friday Pocket Llama has a funny name – Nyimbur-ma. That means ‘peace’ in the oldest of Australia’s ancient aboriginal languages. Nym has a cousin, Bo, my wife’s Bike Friday Expedition model. Nym and Bo and their happy […]

Bob & Kris take their Family Tandem out for a beautiful Autumn ride.

Feeling Young Again

We recently received this terrific note on the benefits of e-assist from Bob in California:   We have now ridden 1400 miles on our new Friday Tandem XL.  We have named it Electric Orange or EO for short. It has the Sram three speed drive system.  It is equipped with mountain bike handlebars, levers, and brakes.  […]

Bicycle Times HAD giveaway

Winning the Haul-a-Day

In Bicycle Times, we recently gave away a Haul-a-Day. Although chosen at random, the winners couldn’t have been more perfect. From Kristen & Thomas:   My husband, Thomas, and I are full time commuter cyclists. We do not own cars, nor do we wish to. Both of us have always had a hatred towards cars, […]


A Slick Custom Paint Job For The Haul-a-Day

Every so often we get a particularly wild color combination coming through the line. Surprisingly, its rarely a Haul-a-Day that gets decked out. Maybe Haul-a-Day owners are a bit more cautious? Or maybe they just don’t know that they can get their accessories painted separately? Either way, here’s a great example that just rolled off […]


Tackling the French Pyrenees

  Two Pocket Crusoe owners take on the toughest climb of their lives:   We are always a bit apprehensive when we close the Samsonite lids on our Crusoes, wondering whether a curious TSA inspector might dislodge our careful placement of each component into the suitcase. The bikes have flown nearly a dozen times, and […]

New World Tourist in Tanzania

Ten Days Touring Tanzania

    An exciting update from two Vermonters volunteering abroad.   New World Tourist owners Barry Goodman & Elisa Vandervort recently contacted us to share a story of their travels in Tanzania. The couple signed up through the Peace Corps to teach nurses & midwives for a year in Dodoma. Being experienced cycle-tourists, and having two […]