BionX Electric Assist

Haul-a-Day BionX e-assist bicycleNew World Tourist BionX e-assist bicycle

Bike Friday Co-Founder and Haul-a-Day Co-Designer Alan Scholz is excited to announce that BionX will be the pedal assist e-bike unit we will offer on Bike Friday Pocket Bikes as well as our Haul-a-Day Cargo Bike.


“We completed our initial testing with the BionX unit on a Haul-a-Day and the results were amazing,” Alan said of the hub motor. “BionX not only has a fantastic product, but the company provides great service and backing. We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with them to make this game-changing option for Bike Friday owners.”


The BionX system is available on new Bike Friday Pocket Bikes or Tandems with 406 wheels  (not recommended on tikits or Rockets). We can retro-fit your current Bike Friday, but it involves sending your Bike Friday back to the factory. We are also working on a solution for 451 wheels.

The BionX S 350DL unit will be the option for the Pocket Bikes, that include New World Tourist and Pocket Llama. It comes with a 350 watt motor and a battery. It will offer a range up to 50 miles (80 km).

The systems adds 20 pounds (9 kg) to the bike. It retails for $1800.

The BionX S 350DV unit will be the option for the Haul-a-Day and can also be used on a Pocket Bike. It comes with a 350 watt motor and a battery that will be mounted on the middle section of the Haul-a-Day frame. It will offer a range up to 80 miles (130 km).

The systems adds 20 pounds (9 kg) to the bike. It retails for $2299.

Both systems offer four assist levels of 35%, 75%, 150% and 300% that are controlled on a handlebar console that also serves as a multi-function odometer. They have a regeneration system that allows you to help recharge the battery as you ride.

“First of all, the system is silent,” Alan said. “Second is that until you hit 150% assist level, with it being so silent you think you are really just having a great day and physically feeling like you are 20 years old and on a lighter bike.”

One of the elements that sold Alan is the versatility.

“The motor has a modern Shimano compatible cassette driver so the system that goes with this motor can be any modern 8-, 9-, 10-speed cassette combined with a single, double, or triple crankset and the shifters/derailleurs that go with them!” Alan said. “This was huge for me. All the other systems I looked at used old cludgy 6- or 7-speed freewheels. When was the last time a fine bike had a freewheel on it?”

Our Cargo Bike Kickstarter campaign provided Bike Friday with the funds needed to accelerate our testing for pedal assist, something many Haul-a-Day cargo bike backers have been curious about and Bike Friday Pocket Bike owners have been asking for.

“We’ve had a lot of Bike Friday owners ask about pedal assist,” Alan said. “A BionX unit can put your mind at ease that you can tackle almost any cycling challenge, no matter what your fitness level might be.”

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