Bike Friday Travel System

A Bike Friday can open a world of possibilities because of its portability and versatility.

All Bike Fridays conveniently fold (or dissemble) to fit into suitcases, the trunk of a car, or a small storage space. This allows Bike Friday owners to travel aboard airlines, trains, buses and taxis with ease.

Bike Fridays fit into a TravelCase …


The TravelCase can transform into a trailer …


To create a self-contained Travel System!


The TravelCase is rugged enough to stand up to the rigors of airline travel. It comes with packing materials to protect your Bike Friday during transport and the necessary tools to disassemble the bike for packing.  Accessories such as racks and fenders, and even the Trailer Kit can be packed into the case with your Bike Friday.  With everything unpacked and assembled, the trailer can then be used to store your belongings while you ride.  The TravelCase and Trailer Kit are sold separately.  For more details, contact us at 1-800-777-0258 (US), 1-541-687-0487 (Worldwide), or


Every Bike Friday frame is guaranteed for the lifetime for the original owner – covering any defects in materials and workmanship.