Alan’s Super Pro

Here’s a little peek at the Super Pro that Alan Scholz put together recently. It weighs in at 15.5 pounds:

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3 thoughts on “Alan’s Super Pro

  1. Bobbi Kamil

    Looks wonderful! Bring it to Phoenix. It’s great riding this time of year and we and our RV and Tikits are having a blast

    Miss you all. Bobbi

  2. Merl Ledford


    When you decide to upgrade to something new I want first dibs!

    Question, though: Until Rob English & Co. put together something even MORE outrageous, is an upgrade possible?

    And even if/when they do engineer something (assuming Hanna is anything like my daughter as a business person), how are you going to get it out the door past your capable General Manager? Being a “founder” has its privileges; but when Pocket Rockets reach that level of sophistication you may be pushing a savvy, well-trained business gal’s limits. . .




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