(Save $3,100) Alan’s Pocket Rocket Super Pro, 54cm/Med, #26393

by Bike Friday
Published: September 19, 2019 (2 months ago)
Bike Friday Factory

A true one of a kind bike

Bike Friday Co-founder Alan Scholz’s first Pocket Rocket Super Pro

Alan has designed and owned a lot of beautiful bikes over several decades. His collection has outgrown his attic and garage. This beautiful bike has not been ridden for over 5 years. He has decided that this bike deserves to get more attention so he is offering it for adoption by a new loving rider. Might that be you?

Year built 2011
Frame number 26393
Frame Size 54cm

This bike is the culmination of the original Bike Friday vision and decades of experience. Here is a little of Bike Friday’s history to give you perspective.

The Scholz brothers vision of the first Bike Friday was a great riding road bike that easily traveled by air. Alan and Hanz both grew up bike racing. They had many state titles between them and Alan took 2nd in Nationals on the Road (110miles) in 1971.

This first Bike Friday bike was designed using road bike geometry from 1970’s racing bikes from the Tour De France. That meant 73 degrees parallel head and seat tubes, with longer chainstays and 700c wheels. The Scholz Brothers wanted a road bike rider to recognize the feel of a good road bike when they rode a Bike Friday. However, to accomplish the goal of a bike easy to travel by air with (fit in a standard suitcase, so no extra fees and fits through the airport easily..) required smaller wheels.

“We surprised ourselves with the first prototypes,” said Alan. “We thought the little wheels would be less efficient than larger wheels and we found the truth is much less down sides and a lot more up sides to smaller wheels! We didn’t anticipate that!” Interestingly this misconception of small wheels has been a regular question by the public for the last 27 years. One of the most common questions we get is, “Don’t you need to pedal more with those small wheels?”.

The first Bike Friday we made, we tried to make one bike that did ‘everything’. A common cyclists dream! This model was called the Sport 14 with the original Diamond frame style and it included the full package of suitcase and trailer. Unlike normal road bikes it would take cantilever brakes to open up the possibilities of riding style and terrain with tire width choices. This inspired the original Bike Friday logo of the Bike Friday pulling the suitcase trailer. The full package to travel self contained with your bike was the vision from the beginning. The first customer bike shipped in early 1993.

Within the first year we introduced the first Pocket Rocket, a road specific Bike Friday, with a Diamond Frame style. The Pocket Rocket was offered with full Shimano and Campagnolo Road Groupo choices. In 1994 one of the production team experimented with a mono tube main frame style and inspired the first mono tube main frame style Pocket Rocket. We shipped the first Pocket Rocket with this new frame style in late 1994, but kept the other Bike Friday style a Diamond Frame.

By 1999, we felt the Pocket Rocket could be improved so we made the Pocket Rocket Pro with new highly butted and shaped tubing in the frame and fork. The new frame set was lighter and more responsive with the same great-riding geometry.

In 2000, a young bike racer and engineering student at Oxford bought a red Pocket Rocket as the first bike he ever paid full price for. He raced it in local events and used it for training in several countries. He eventually moved to the USA to work for Bike Friday. His name is Rob English, now a renowned designer and frame builder. Rob and Hanz worked together to design the Bike Friday tikit. The fastest folding bike in the world, a very unique and complicated bike.

Rob English thought the Pocket Rocket Pro could be improved (lighter, stiffer, and fancier) and he teamed up with our long time tool maker Peter Kaspar to create the Pocket Rocket Super Pro. Six months after the first Super Pro, Rob and the Bike Friday Production team presented Alan with his very own Super Pro in his favorite color, Saphire Blue. Alan added some extra gold highlights to make this beautiful bike sparkle.

The Pocket Rocket, Pocket Rocket Pro and Pocket Rocket Super Pro are Bike Friday flagship bikes. After all these years there still is no one else in the world that makes a custom bike like these.

Alan has decided to let it go as he faces his ‘Designers Dilemma’ and focuses on riding new designs these days and doesn’t ride his old designs anymore. He hopes someone will really enjoy this special one of a kind bike!

– History written by Hanna Scholz (second generation) interviewing my dad Alan Scholz

Special Details:

Bike Weight as shown: 15.9 lbs.
Alan’s personal Super Pro, designed by Rob English and Peter Kaspar, with extensive custom frame detailing
KCNC KR3 Headset, gold anodized headset
SRAM Red 10spd
Ciamillo Caliper Brakes
FSA SL-K Carbon Cranks
ABS Carbon Brake Levers
Gold anodized highlights throughout, including Nokon housing
Titanium seatmast to carbon seatpost
Ready for many more miles of adventure

Equivalent New Price: ~$8,000

Rare Collectible Price*: $ 4,900

*Alan is open to negotiating on price for the right loving rider……

*Sold as is, this frame includes 10-year frame warranty
*Alan will sign the frame before it ships to you
*Includes Certificate of Authenticity and Letter of Provenance signed by Alan and Hanna