tikit – 60cm – P299

by Bike Friday
Published: July 7, 2021 (3 months ago)
Eugene Oregon

The so-called fastest folding bike in the world, the hyperfold version of the tikit needs but one tap of the back of the seat to release it and fold it up. Once folded, it clips together and can be rolled by the front wheel. It’s a pretty remarkable design, and despite the fact that it is discontinued, still continues to garner a lot of interest.

This is a large frame, generally appropriate for someone upwards of 5’10” or so. Make sure to fill out our sizing form to confirm the fit.

Component highlights:
* BF flat handlebars
* linear pull brake system
* grip bell
* microSHIFT derailleur
* microSHIFT twist shifter
* simple 8 speed drivetrain (53×11-28)
* dependable Schwalbe Marathon tires