Stock Haul-a-day

by Bike Friday
Published: December 6, 2017 (1 week ago)
Eugene, OR

One of the most versatile bikes that we have to offer, the Haul-a-day is a true work horse of a bike. This is where we take the design principles of Bike Friday and combine it with the growing need for cargo capacity. For those who are looking to completely remove the automobile from their lives, this is the bike for you. The Haul-a-day gives you the power to commute on your terms and liberates you from the automobile lifestyle without having to sacrifice your ability to accomplish everyday tasks.

We currently have a stock of Haul-a-days that are built and ready to go to. These bikes are fresh off the factory floor waiting to find loving homes where they can become the go to bike of the household.

The Haul-a-day starts at $1250. For more details on this bike, please visit the Haul-a-day page of our website.

*disclaimer* The pictured bicycle is shown with accessories that do not come standard on Haul-a-days. They are available and can be added when purchasing the bike from one of our Bike Consultants.