New World Tourist – Sachs 3×7 Hub – 56cm – #5140

by Bike Friday
Published: October 18, 2017 (2 months ago)

PRE-LOVED: This New World Tourist is a great option for someone looking for their first Bike Friday! This bike features an Sachs 3×7 internally geared rear hub giving you a wide range gearing options inside a simple system. This versatile bike can take you anywhere from off the beaten path to the bike lanes of your local metropolis without missing a beat. The powerful Shimano V-brakes give you safe stopping ability.  Wide, flat handlebars ensure a comfortable ride, and 1.5″ wide Primo Comet tires ensure your ride will be smooth wherever you go.  Built for versatility, this 56 cm Tourist looks slick with a Black Diamond finish.  And of course, we can ship this bike to you within two weeks.

($1775 NEW) – $990

Frame #5140