(Save $2,500) Scholz Family Racing Tandem Two’sDay, 56cm/Med, #T9

by Bike Friday
Published: September 19, 2019 (9 months ago)
Bike Friday Factory

Bike Friday Co-founder Hanz Scholz’s Original Racing Two’sDay

The Scholz family has so many other bikes we just haven’t ridden this one in 20 years and would love for it to be actively enjoyed by someone!

Frame T9 (the 9th Two’sDay Tandem Bike Friday ever built)
Size 56cm/Med captain & 29.5in stoker
Built year late 1990’s

This is a special ride-able collector’s bike. The Tandem Two’sDay was designed in the late 1990’s as the first folding Bike Friday tandem. This beautiful ultra-light Tandem Two’sDay was personally built by Hanz Scholz to race in the “Duet Classic” Tandem Stage Race. This Tandem Stage race was sponsored by Burley Design Co-operative (another bike company Alan Scholz co-founded). The Duet Classic drew tandem racers from around the world and was a great event to test the abilities of a 20 inch wheel travel tandem to match the 700c non-travel tandems – and the 20 inch wheels won several times! As we all discovered when the geometry is right, the frame is strong and light to fit the riders, its all about the lungs and legs, not the wheel size!

This Tandem Two’s Day was an extraordinary bike that blew so many assumptions away. A custom sized tandem that folded (to fit in a car trunk) and packed into two standard Airline suitcases and was still light and could win tandem stage races against non-folding bikes with 700c wheels…….so many amazing accomplishments.
– History written by Hanna Scholz (second generation) interviewing my dad Alan Scholz

Special Features:
Bike weight as shown: 31.4 lbs.
Hanz did some extra detailed finish work on the frame, its lovely
60t chainring for speed
Ultegra drivetrain and integrated shifters
Folding seat masts with the keyhole style
Packs into 2 suitcases
Can be made ready for many more miles of adventure

Equivelant New Price: ~ $5,000+

(We no longer make a Tandem Tuesday quite like this with folding seatmasts, this one is super special)

Vintage Collectible Price*: $ 2,500

*Sold as is, this frame no longer includes frame warranty
*Bike Friday Co-founder Alan Scholz will sign the frame before it ships to you
*Includes Certificate of Authenticity and Letter of Provenance signed by Alan and Hanna