Air Llama – 58cm x 66cm – 9761

by Bike Friday
Published: July 7, 2021 (3 months ago)
Eugene Oregon

At one time, Bike Friday had a whole array of “Air bikes,” all featuring a unique and simple passive suspension system via a titanium beam. The bikes were well-loved, having no parallel in the bike industry. Originally made for to travel on carry on luggage, regulations have long since changed. As such, the bike has been discontinued. That said, this is unique collector’s item— don’t miss out.

This model is an Air Llama, the mountain bike of the Air bikes. It features a special front suspension fork in addition to the titanium beam for the utmost in cushion, whether it be on or off road. Expedition minded tourists note that it does have front and rear rack mounts and fender mounts.

The Air bikes were always relatively lightweight models and, as such, they are more limited in terms of the rider weight that they will support. You must be under 190 pounds to safely ride this bike. Rack weight is supported by the wheels and the racks themselves, so that weight is not part of the equation.

The Air bikes are a little unique in the fit in that the seat tube height is fixed into the design of the given mainframe. This one in particular is even more unique in that the seat tube is very long relative to the effective top tube length. With a 58cm effective top tube length, this bike would normally be appropriate for someone 5’8″-6’1″ or so, but they would also need to have legs long enough for a 66cm seat tube, which should mean roughly an inseam of 34″ or longer, which should limit this to the longer end of that spectrum. If you’re interested in this bike, please make sure to fill out our sizing form to confirm the fit.

Component highlights:
* BF suspension fork (Action-Tec cartridge)
* BF split flat bars
* Shimano Ultegra crankset
* Cane Creek Cirect Curve linear pull brakes
* Shimano XT 11-32 cassette
* Shimano XT rear derailleur
* Shimano XT rear hub
* Shimano XT trigger shifters/brake levers
* SRAM DualDrive 3 speed internally geared rear hub
* Chris King headset
* Sun CR-18 rims
* American Classic seatpost
* Schwalbe Marathon tires