Patagonian mountains in morning sunshine

Touring Patagonia on the New World Tourist

TOUR OF SOUTHERN PATAGONIA – CHILE – 2017 COYHAIQUE TO VILLA O’HIGGINS By Gordon & Kay M. The “Ripio” is the Carretera Austral’s road surface made from rounded riverbed gravel. Ripio is used from Cerro Castillo to Villa O’Higgins and makes enjoying this amazing region by bike it’s greatest challenge. Saturday, February 18, 2017 Coyhaique […]

New World Tourist review

Here is a blog we found online, with a review of our New World Tourist.


7,000 KILOMETRES ON TWO FRIDAYS Since September 2017 we’ve been cycling in Australia and New Zealand, 7,000 kilometers to date, alongside endless beaches, over mountains, through farmland, and in forests. We’ve made new friends and encountered amazing wildlife along the way, all made possible by our fabulous Bike Friday “New World Tourists” For us, cycling […]

New York City Adventures on a Folding Bike

. New Yorker and Pocket Rocket owner Newton D. has always loved bicycles, but didn’t buy one for himself until he was an adult. In fact, his very first bicycle was a folding bike: “It all began with seeing my friends wife zipping around on a Xootr scooter which prompted me to visit NYCEwheels, a […]

New Zealand’s Dodd Finishes an Ironman

[EDITOR’s NOTE: You might remember Thom Dodd’s blog entries on Training for an Ironman Triathlon back in August. We just received word from Thom. He did it! Here is his report.] By Thom Dodd      Just to let you know i competed successfully in the Challenge Wanaka, a full Ironman on the south island […]

Replacing the need for Uber, Lyft and smelly Taxies when traveling…

Have you ever wished you could just jump off a plane, walk out the doors of the airport and be off on your adventure? No waiting for trains, Uber, Lyft or a smelly taxi? The Bike Friday New World Tourist was created to solve these problems. It even has the option to add E-Assist that […]

Thankful for customers who toot our horn…

Because we are not good at tooting our own horn…we are truly thankful for our long-time customers who do.  This is one such story which thankfully has a happy ending and is one of the many of our “Why’s” when people ask us what our “Why” is.  E-Assist truly is a wonderful thing if done […]

Row, Row, Row Your…Bike?

Our bikes are well known for their quality ride, folding capabilities, but most of all their versatility. However, every once in a while a customer comes to us because they need their bike to fill a specific purpose. Brian D. is one of those types of customers. Brian called us last fall after his bike […]