The very first Bike Friday

How the First Bike Friday was Born

How the First Bike Friday was Born By Co-founder Alan Scholz In 1992 the first Bike Friday was delivered. We named it the “Sport 14”. It’s now known as the New World Tourist and is still the most popular Bike Friday ever! Long before the first Bike Friday was born there was the discovery of […]

Folding History: The Bike Friday Pocket Rocket

Invention of the Pocket Rocket In 1993, Bike Friday Leapt into the Pro Circuit with the Pocket Rocket Phil Liggett, the famous voice of the Tour de France, with his Pocket Rocket Pro Hanz & Alan combined their love of road riding and travel to create the Pocket Rocket Line Bike Friday Co-founders Hanz and […]

Bike Friday Riders Continue to Blow Us Away

We Couldn’t Believe What Happened Next… A community of early-adopting cyclists quickly formed after the creation of the very first Bike Fridays. We were (and still are) blown away by what these intrepid cyclists did with their brand new travel bikes. Here are incredible true stories of some of the earliest Bike Friday riders! Cycling […]

Bike Friday Road Roots Run Deep

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  It has been a while since we first shared this with you, so why not bring in up again. Here’s a little peek into Bike Friday’s roots in bicycle racing in North Dakota in the 1980s, showing that our road racing experience runs deep.] As success stories go, you’d be hard-pressed to fabricate […]

She’s Got Grit!

Hanna Scholz Leads Bike Friday Out of Crisis and Into the Future Written by Randy Kirk She lives in a tiny house. She bikes or walks almost exclusively. She recently took over as President of Bike Friday in Eugene, Oregon, where she manages one of the last bicycle factories in the US. But this story […]

The World’s First Folding Tandem Bicycle

Tandemonium! Why did Bike Friday make a tandem that folds? The Original Tandem Two’sDay in 1994 came with drop bars as it was designed for fast rides! The Tandem Two’sday: the world’s first folding Travel Tandem! When folded, the Tandem Two’sDay fits in a small car trunk, hall closet, back of your minivan, or disassembles […]

Review: The Morpher Folding Helmet

Crowd-funded Folding Helmet Supporter & Bike Friday Owner Jeffrey B. Reviews the Morpher . The Morpher helmet is a foldable bicycle helmet, meant for all styles of riding. It features a simple design that is quick and easy to operate. Initially funded on Indie-Go-Go in 2013, the Morpher is manufactured by Strategic Sports LTD and […]

Molly Hayes gets ready to compete in a triathlon

The best way to stay young? Become a triathlete.

Serial Triathlete Molly Hayes Stays Young by Staying Active       Become a triathlete. And learn email.   At least that’s what Susan B. Cox, the first woman inducted into the Triathlon Hall of Fame, advised her friend, and fellow athlete, Molly Hayes.   At 83 years of age, with over 325 triathlons under […]