We’ll hand build a special folding bike to fit You. Your size, Your choice, Your lifestyle.

The highest-quality, smoothest-ride on the best folding bike available.


With 10 frame models and dozens of options, your Bike Friday is uniquely you. Our bike experts will make sure it’s exactly the right bike for your adventures around the world or around the block.



Planning your dream adventure? Don’t settle for a rental bike. Take your very own foldable Bike Friday built to fit your size and style.


Easy to transport in a car, train or airplane for adventures together!


Whether you’re biking to the office or heading to campus, our city and commuting bikes have a great ride and make it easy to keep your bike safe inside with you between rides.


road Rob English

Serious cyclists have loved our high performance folding bikes for decades. With top-notch components and ease of transport in the trunk of a car or in a suitcase for air travel, our road and sport bicycles keeps you on your training schedule.



You can start with a free consultation with a friendly Bike Friday expert by clicking the button below (or calling us). A Bike Friday consultant will promptly reply to serve your individual needs.

You can also explore the options online by choosing a riding style above.



You’ve heard of folding bicycles, but you’re not quite sure what they are, or why you’d need one.

A folding bike is a bicycle designed to fold into a compact form, for easy transportation and storage. Folding bikes are very popular around the world, and especially in cities. The advantages that a folding bike has in a city over a standard bike is three-fold:

  1. Portability. Most trains and buses allow a folded bike to come aboard, even during peak hours. Folding bikes also fit easily into the trunk of your car or a taxi.
  2. Theft Prevention. You don’t have to lock your bike outside, just fold it up and bring it in with you to the office, or while you’re running errands.
  3. Small Footprint. Because these bikes fold down into a small package they can be easily tucked away in any apartment, no matter the size of your living space.

Although folding bicycles may be the best bikes for living in a city, their unique design characteristics make them great for many types of riding. Folding bikes are ideal for world travel, bike touring, and group rides.

But you may be wondering, are folding bikes slow? Do I have to pedal more on a folding bike? Are folding bikes for kids? The answer to all three questions is no. These are some common misconceptions about folding bikes, all of which are rooted in the small wheel size. Most people people assume that smaller wheels are inferior, but there are many reasons why small wheels are just as good as, if not better than, larger wheels.

Better Gearing

Small wheels don’t equate to slower speeds, or having to pedal more. What gives you speed when you pedal is the distance that the wheel travels for every full revolution of the pedals, this is called gear inches. It’s understandable to assume that a smaller wheel would have fewer gear inches than a conventional bike, because with the exact same gearing it does. But folding bikes compensate for this by using higher gear ratios. Take for instance a folding road bike like the Pocket Rocket, which uses a 53 tooth chainwheel and 9 tooth cassette cog to achieve 116 gear inches. That’s nearly 10 feet of travel for every full rotation of the pedals, which is just as good, if not better, than any standard full-sized road bike.

More Efficient

Small wheels require fewer spokes to achieve the same stability as larger wheels, which actually makes them faster. Here’s why: fewer spokes generate less drag than a greater number of spokes (they also weigh less) which lead to higher speeds. In fact, a small wheel is more efficient than a large wheel in speeds up to 16 mph, equally efficient in speeds from 16 to 33 mph, and is only less efficient in speeds faster than 33 mph. So, unless you’re riding with Lance Armstrong, you should be able lead the pack in any group ride.

Faster Acceleration & Better Maneuverability 

If you’re riding in city traffic, fast acceleration and nimble steering are critical to safety. Smaller wheels accelerate faster than larger ones because they weigh less, which creates a lower moment of inertia from a full stop. So, navigating congested intersections and avoiding collisions is much easier with smaller wheels. Additionally, the smaller the wheel the more responsive it is to steering, making quick decisions easier to execute. Smaller wheels also place a higher pressure per square inch on the ground, increasing tire compliance with the road surface- this is especially helpful on wet surfaces and in tight turns.


So while small wheels can go just as fast, if not faster, than larger wheels they are also stronger. Beyond the quality of the build, what determines the strength of a wheel is the length of the spokes. The longer the spoke is the more leverage can be exerted against it. If you think about it in terms of bending a piece of rod with your bare hands, which would be easier to bend- a one inch length of rod, or a three foot length? From your own experience, you know that the longer rod is easier to bend. Well, the same is true of bicycle spokes- the longer the spoke the more flexible it is, and the more likely it is to bend or break. Not only is a stronger wheel less likely to break in an accident, it can also carry more weight. The ability to take a heavier load makes small wheeled bicycles ideal for fully loaded touring, or for carrying cargo.   

Low Step Through & Low Center of Gravity

Another feature that makes small wheeled bicycles great for touring or transporting kids is the low center of gravity, which is the balance point of the bicycle. With small wheels, the balance point is naturally lower to the ground, and the lower it is to the ground the more stable it is. If you want to load your panniers full with groceries, pack all of your camping gear, or carry a couple of squirming kids, you’ll really appreciate having a low center of gravity.

Equally helpful in keeping the bike balanced is the low step through that small wheels provide. Step through refers to your ability to, literally, step through the middle of the frame of the bicycle. Conventional bike frames don’t allow for step through. Traditionally, they have a top tube that comes right up to the base of your seat, forcing you to tip the bike to one side and kick your leg up and over the rear of the bike. If you are doing this with a bike that’s loaded with heavy bags it’s very easy to get knocked over and risk injury to yourself and your bike. The low step through of a folding bike allows easy, balanced, and safe mounting and dismounting. Another advantage of the low step through is that its easier for anyone who is aging, or has mobility issues to get on and off of the bike.


Folding bikes available specifically designed for travel, leisure, commuter, or sport. We hand-build your bike in our factory in Eugene, Oregon with your lifestyle and measurements in mind.


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 7 reviews
by Richard Caldwell on Blank Business Name
23 years and still going

I got my Friday in 1994 so I could tour. Went on many multi day tours frim 94 to 2000. I stoped riding about 6 years ago due to arthritis in my knee. Had a knee replacement a year ago and started riding again last summer. So many more miles to go now!!

by Brad Adams on Blank Business Name
My pakiT and my Haul-a-Day

The only way to describe the pakiT is, to put it simply, exactly that: simple. It’s as simple as simple gets. Belt driven (clean and grease free), light weight, quiet and packable.

I’ve had my hands on a pakiT for the last few weeks and I’ve got to say I’m extremely impressed. From the versatility of the frame size to the swiftness of its ride; Bike Friday, you’ve outdone yourself here.

As an avid traveler and city dweller, I know the need for small compact vehicles. Being an avid cyclist, of course, I’m game for anything with two wheels. Prior to the pakiT, I would have told you that folding bikes are just not for me. The smaller wheels didn’t appeal to me, and I was just not into the designs of other non-US made bikes. Well, that was until I stumbled across Bike Friday. They’ve been cranking out beautiful folding dreams since the early 90’s. When innovation meets utility!

Prior to the pakiT I believed that smaller meant slower. I cannot tell you how wrong I was. After being introduced to 20″ wheels on my Haul-A-Day, I soon learned how hard you can rip on smaller wheels. Smaller definitely does not mean slower but stronger and lighter! Now throw some 16″ wheels on a 15.5 lb slick folding bike and you have an urban assault tool.

As soon as I received my pakiT in the mail, I built it up and took it to the streets! Running through the internal 8 speed gear box, testing its limit to “wheelies,” mobbing in and off the side walk only to find this bike can hang! The 16″ wheels aid in quick acceleration and give the bike superior maneuverability to any other bike I’ve ridden. Now, I knew that Bike Friday knows bikes, and trust me, they know bikes!

I’ve been using the Haul-A-Day nearly everyday since April, and I’m in love. It’s always my first choice to ride even when I’m not “haulin’.” Although, I’m always “haulin’!” The rugged steel frame can take a serious beating, yet it never shows it. Of course, the pakiT would exemplify the same traits but in a bite size punch. When you say “jump,” the pakiT says, “Peace out! I gotta bounce!” and off you go riding through the hustle and bustle of urban living, forced to dodge vehicles, pedestrians, pigeons and even other riders. Considering the high route and pushing through those 8 quick internal speeds while you pick up the pace and jam the low route.

Whenever, this bike will always bite. I keep pushing it, and it keeps going! Since acquiring the pakiT, I’ve had such a fun time taking it on all my usual routes and seeing how it handles. LA is one wild place to ride with our diverse terrain, scorching landscape and car dense cities — the pakiT is a need! Whether you’re cruising to the corner store or hauling across town, the pakiT is my first choice!

by Douglas Hoffman on Blank Business Name
My Pocket Rocket Pro

I ordered from Bike Friday a bike that would perfectly match the fit of my most comfortable bike for long distance riding. I ordered a Pocket Rocket Pro, as I wanted the bike to be something that, if I needed to, I could ride in races and other events. I wanted the controls to be familiar, and as much as possible the set up to be identical to that of my most pleasant race bike, a titanium Serotta built to fit me in 2006. So, when I ordered the bike from Bike Friday, I measured everything exactly to the nearest 0.5mm, confirmed this against my fit measurements on file and provided them with all of the information they requested.90 days later, a box arrived, and though I was anxious to get it all together, I very carefully clipped each zip tie and went through all of the parts one by one, before beginning assembly. I have a default approach to putting things together. I figure things out, try a few things, if something doesn’t work, I try something else, but it took only a moment to realize what care had been put into building this bike and I felt it deserved more respect. So instead of my “when all else fails read the instructions” technique, I sat down and read the very clear paperwork that came with the bike and laid out each piece with great care. Then I began to put the bike together. Having done the necessary reading, everything was easy. The bike had been well packed and each piece was well protected. Of course, Bike Friday makes bikes for many purposes and that includes bikes that come together and break down in seconds, but this was not that. The Pocket Rocket Pro is designed to be the best possible combination of a fully functional race bike and a bike that packs easily and efficiently. And what a combination it is.As the bike came together I continued to be amazed. The fit and finish was impeccable. There was one detail I did not think was a masterpiece, and that is the little plate with my name on it that they added at no cost to me. The adhesive had peeled off a bit and so it was a bit loose. Nothing necessary or even useful, it was just a cute add-on, done in my opinion too cheaply. I would rather not have it. Again, the overall fit and finish is excellent. Rather than providing me with a fixed and ultra light stem, they included an adjustable one, so that I could dial in the precise fit and then send it back for them to use as a template for the final. Frankly, for me I do not think this was necessary as I have all of my fit numbers precisely logged and ready to go. I assume that this is not the case for most people, and as such, the adjustable stem process is a good step. It was a non-issue for me, however, as they make the process so easy. There is a next day air box, label, and packing material included, and once I had confirmed my fit, I had the new stem in hand in less than a week. Well done!So, I got the bike all set up, did some local riding and packed the bike up in a rather spacious suitcase (provided) with all of my riding gear including helmet, shoes, pump, etc., as well as my garment bag, and hopped on a plane for Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. …“Each day for the next week, after I had done what I was there to do, I got on the Bike Friday and took off. As I rode off the property of the ashram, I rode into a world to which I have limited exposure, a world that I would never have seen without the bike.I rode the bike hard at times: standing sprints up hills (trying to keep up with 3 young people on one Honda Rebel Motorcycle, yelling, “Come, come we race!”) and braking hard (on a descent a water buffalo, easily 1000 pounds, burst forth from the bushes on the side of the road). I also rode the bike on familiar roads here in the Catskills, climbing Meads Mountain and descending McDaniel, roads I have ridden many, many times on bikes I know well. There is nothing this bike does not do well. It would not be the first bike I would reach for if the only factor were the ride. I own beautiful bikes built for me by Spectrum and Serotta. For most days I would reach for one of them. But the fact that I can consider this bike, which weighs under 20 pounds and fits in a suitcase, against them at all, the fact that I give up so little in handling, braking, climbing, and descending, as compared to bikes that are arguably the best in the world, is an astonishing testament to the abilities of Bike Friday.I would recommend a Bike Friday to anyone who is looking for a folder and would urge them to do as I did, contact Bike Friday, tell them what you are looking for, listen well and then make choices. The people at Bike Friday know what they are doing, and the engineering work behind their designs, much of which was done by legendary bicycle builder Rob English, simply works.

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